vanszel pure student girl sexy underwear


Interest underwear has always been a perfect combination of taste and sexy, especially for women who love to create beauty and personality.As an expert in erotic underwear, today I will introduce a kind of underwear brand that combines pure and sexy underwear -Vanszel pure student girl sexy underwear.

brand introduction

Vanszel pure student girl sexy underwear is a underwear brand focusing on young women.The brand uses "fresh, sexy, fashion" as the design concept. Through unique materials, texture, and shape, it creates a series of sexy underwear products with different styles and different temperament to meet different types of women’s needs.


1. Chocolate bras set: With fresh and cute chocolate as the theme, bras and underwear are embellished with chocolate, paired with small cake -shaped tulle socks, full of love.

2. Polka dot mesh bras set: Black as the main body, the mesh field design, full of temptation, allowing you to fully reflect the noble and sexy of women.

3. Sweet hook flower lace underwear set: classic retro, full of poetic, lace detail processing technology is adjusted to the best, and the breasts look tall and full, making people unable to refuse.

Fabric material

Vanszel’s underwear is made of natural materials, which focuses on comfort and fashion.It uses high -quality cotton polyester blend, soft and comfortable.In addition, the material of lace, mesh yarn and other fabrics is also a major feature of the brand. It is not only light and breathable, but also has delicate and soft feel.


Vanszel’s pure student girl sexy underwear is suitable for daily wear, but also for special occasions, such as dating, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc., let you reflect the noble, sexy, modern and self -confidence of women.


1. Drain matching: If you are a girl with a small breast, you can choose a thickened bra. It visually increases the size of the chest.If you are a big breast girl, you can choose a flat branch with a chest pad to avoid visually bloated.

2. Pants matching: If you want to extend your legs visually, you can choose a T -shaped, b -type or high -waisted triangle -type pants head. If you want to use low -waist triangle and thong pants.

3. Socks: If you want to reveal the tenderness, reveal the thoughts full of temptation, the lace transparent pantyhose like a wild bird is a perfect match option.

Method of purchase

Vanszel underwear can be purchased on its official website and e-commerce platforms such as Taobao. The price of Vanszel underwear on Taobao platform ranges from 150-400 yuan.However, the prices of products with different quality, style, and texture will also be different.


1. Quality guarantee: The production process is strictly controlled, the materials are high, and the details are reflected in the details.

2. Rich style: The brand has rich styles of sexy underwear to meet the needs of different women.

3. Comfortable material: natural materials, soft and comfortable, will not cause skin allergies and other problems.


Vanszel’s pure student girl sexy underwear is a fresh and sexy underwear brand, representing young women’s pursuit of colorful life and emotion.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose Vanszel to bring you the power of sexy and confidence.

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