Variable pseudo -mother sexy underwear training


In contemporary society, transformed pseudo -mother has become a very popular cultural phenomenon, and more and more people have begun to try this lifestyle different from traditional gender characters.After years of development and progress, the transformation of pseudo -mother culture is no longer the contraindication of society, and it has even become part of people’s continuous pursuit.In the process of being a pseudo -mother, the role of sexy underwear is becoming more and more important, becoming a must -have for the transformer self -confidence and charm.

What is a variant of pseudo -mother sexy underwear training?

Variable pseudo -mother sexy underwear tuning refers to the various sexy underwear and props used in the process of pseudo -mothers, as well as the required care and adjustment.Variable pseudo -mother sexy underwear tuning is one of the important ways of showers to show their true gender, and also bring them self -confidence and self -esteem.

Suitable for the sexy lingerie style of the pseudo -mother

There are many styles and styles of pseudo -mother sexy underwear. It is very important to choose a variable style and body type that suits you.The following are some sexy lingerie styles suitable for pseudo -mother:

Slim slim camisole corset

The body -type slim camisole is a very common variant of pseudo -mother sexy underwear. This style allows the transformer to better highlight his chest curve and make the overall appearance more slender.

High waist underwear

High -waisted underwear is a unique underwear product for shaping the hip and waist curve.This style is very suitable for those who want to highlight their curves without exposing the skin.


Conjusational underwear is a sexy underwear that is very suitable for pseudo -mother, because it not only allows the transformer to achieve the effect of the conjoined visually, but also makes the transformer more comfortable and more natural.


Skirts are one of the most common styles of transformer pseudo -mother. It allows transformers to show their beautiful leg curves and make the transformer look younger and fashionable.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly

To achieve the best visual effects, it is very important to wear sexy underwear correctly.Here are some techniques for the correct wearing and changing pseudo -mother sexy underwear:

Choose the right size

All sexy underwear brands have their own measurement standards, so it is very important to choose a correct size.Choosing the right size can avoid uncoordinated clothing and wrinkles.

Use a sticky bra

The adhesive bra is a very convenient variant tool that allows the transformer to increase the chest size without using the milk sticker and maintain stability.

Waist band

The waist band can be used to modify the waist curve and make the transformer look more slim. Some transformers also like to use beam wraps to bring their male characteristics.

How to care and wash sexy underwear

For a long time, sexy underwear is not a clothing that often needs to be cleaned, but their care and maintenance are very important for maintaining the best use of sexy underwear.Here are some tips for nursing and cleaning sexy underwear:


There are many different materials and design of sexy underwear, so during the cleaning period, it is very important to set them according to color, materials and design.This can prevent dyeing and damage to sexy underwear materials.

Wash with warm water

Although sexy underwear needs to be cleaned, we do not want sex underwear to lose their appearance and texture because of excessive wear.To this end, it is recommended to use warm water instead of hot water. Gently shooting gently when cleaning, but strong friction is not good for sexy underwear.

Do not use bleaching water

Do not use bleaching water or cleaner with peroxide composition to clean the sexy underwear.Oxs can damage the material of sexy underwear, thereby reducing the performance and life.

Adjust your own focus

All the pseudo -pseudo -mothers have the body parts she wants to emphasize, and adjust the focus to a part of the body to make the transformer easier to highlight his curve.The following are some key adjustments:

Hip increase

All the pseudo -puppet girls want their hips to look fuller.And some special underwear designs can have this effect, such as some thick underwear sponges and some tight tight underwear.

Strengthen the chest curve

For transformers, the beauty of chest lines is very important.Using some bra and milk stickers with filling and enhanced effects can help transformers to achieve beautiful chest curves.

Choose suitable colors and materials

Choosing the right color and material is an important aspect of the colorful lingerie training of pseudo -mother.Here are some techniques for choosing colors and materials:

Choose the color that suits your skin tone

When choosing colors, the transformer should consider his skin tone, so as to better highlight his beauty and charm.For example, white or pink sexy underwear can make the skin look fair and tender; and dark sexy underwear is more suitable for some variables with different skin tones.

Choose the appropriate material

Choosing a material that suits you can not only make the transformer comfortable, but also avoid skin allergies and discomfort.Considering comfort and breathability, the sexy underwear of cotton and silk is very suitable for transformer.

The best time to buy and preserve sexy underwear

If you want to buy and save sexy underwear, the correct time choice is very important. The following are some tips on the best purchase and preservation of sexy underwear:

Better purchase a few days ago

In Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, sexy underwear shops may launch some large -scale promotional activities. Buying or stocking at these is a good choice.

Place in a dry place

Placed in places without direct sunlight and low humidity can avoid the wear and degeneration of synthetic materials and cotton products, so this is the best way to maintain sexy underwear.

in conclusion

As an important part of the pseudo -mother culture, sexy underwear has a very important role in the appearance and psychological state of the transformer.When making a variable pseudo -mother sexy underwear, it is very important to choose the right style, correct wear method and care method.Finally, the transformer needs to choose the time, materials and best purchases and preservation of sexy underwear.

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