Vietnamese Bargaining Store Sex Underwear

Vietnamese Bargaining Store Sex Underwear

In a small town in Vietnam, there is a barber shop. In addition to providing hairstyle services, this shop also sells sexy underwear.This surprised many people, surprised, and didn’t understand.However, it is commonplace for Vietnamese locals.This article will take you to understand the reasons, status quo, and the cultural meanings of Vietnamese barber shops selling sexy underwear.

1. Origin of sexy underwear of barber shops

Let’s talk about the origin of this Vietnamese barber shop selling sexy underwear.In fact, in many places in Vietnam, barber shops and daily necessities and groceries are common.Nowadays, some barber shops have begun to sell sexy underwear, which is just related to the rapid development of the Vietnamese economy and the increasing acceptance of cultural diversification.

Second, the status quo of sexy underwear in the barber shop

From the perspective of the area distribution of the store, Vietnam’s main sexy underwear sales points are mainly distributed in cities, such as Nha Trang, Laogang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.Vietnam’s sexual underwear has a variety of choices from brand to styles. It covers all levels of all levels from ordinary underwear to high -end underwear. The price also ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of Vietnamese shields.

Third, the cultivation of Vietnamese social power relations

Who said that sexy underwear is just a cultural "luxury" exclusive culture in developed countries?In Vietnam, sexy underwear has also become a fashion for many people, and its popularity even interprets the new cultivation of Vietnam’s social power relationship.

4. Discussion on "feminism"

Not all Vietnamese women understand and like sexy underwear.Many Vietnamese women believe that this will only make themselves more sexual, and they should emphasize their own cognitive value, rather than being shrouded in productive visual focus.Therefore, sexy underwear is controversial in Vietnamese society. It can not only explore the topic of feminism, but also reflect the transformation of the values of the social population.

5. Attraction to Vietnamese men

Women’s fun of wearing sexy underwear. "

6. Promotion of sex culture

Barberry underwear has become a embodiment of Vietnam’s trendy fashion, and it has also played a great role in promoting the sexual culture of Vietnamese society with its special cultural background.Since then, sexy underwear has been regarded as a symbol of representative culture.

Seven, mutual understanding of cultural differences

Today, although Vietnam’s sexy underwear sales market has developed slowly, it can basically become an independent industrial sector that supports Vietnam’s consumer economy.For Chinese consumers, they can also feel the excessive taste of the Vietnamese people and the delicate enjoyment they are pursuing; at the same time, the phenomenon of sexy lingerie sales in Vietnam’s barber shops also conveys the country’s development process in the process of development.Facing cultural challenges.

8. Acceptance of new culture

After continuous changes in these years, Vietnamese society is not only diversified in culture, but people’s ideas and cognitions have been further transformed with the progress of the times.Under such a background, Vietnam’s sexy lingerie sales phenomenon is no longer particularly special and bizarre, but it has become an ordinary role in the process of diversification of cultural diversification. It is the acceptance and popularity of new culture.

Nine, viewpoint

Under the current situation of environmental protection culture in the world today, the sales of sexy underwear in barber shops have paid forward with the times.The cultural meaning and business beliefs behind them should also get more attention and discussion.Only in this way can we allow us to develop a better development while learning different cultures.

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