Vietnamese sex lingerie clothing

The development of Vietnamese erotic underwear

Although the development process of Vietnam’s sexy underwear industry is shorter than other countries, the development speed is fast.Since its foreign brands have entered the market, Vietnam’s sexy underwear market has gradually grown, and local brands have followed up and developed.Now you can buy all kinds of sexy underwear in the Vietnamese market, and the quality is getting better and better.

The design characteristics of Vietnamese erotic underwear

The design of Vietnamese sex lingerie brands is different from European and American brands, and it is more integrated with oriental cultural elements.The design style is bold and sexy, focusing on the beautiful lines of women’s figure.

Vietnamese erotic underwear fabric selection

Vietnamese sex lingerie has rich fabric resources. At present, the mainstream fabrics in the market include lace, gauze, silk, and satin.These fabrics are soft and comfortable, bringing a good experience to the wearers.

The color style of Vietnamese sex lingerie

Different from the black dominance of European and American sexy underwear, Vietnam’s sexy underwear is mainly pink, nude, and color.These colors make women wear underwear more gentle, sweet, and cute.

The size range of Vietnamese erotic underwear

Most of Vietnamese sex underwear brands are in S, M, L, and rarely have large size selection of XL.This is also the place where Vietnamese sexy underwear needs to be improved to meet the needs of more people.

Vietnamese sex underwear sales channel

Vietnamese sex lingerie sales are mainly sold through e -commerce platforms such as online stores, Taobao stores, Tmall, and some merchants will open physical store sales.At the same time, many brands will also participate in various exhibitions to let more people know their brands.

Vietnamese sex underwear audience

Vietnamese sexy underwear is mainly women, including married women, unmarried women, couples, etc.Vietnam is a traditional country. The openness of sex is not as high as Europe and the United States. Interest underwear is still a new thing in the Vietnamese market.

The business model of Vietnamese sex underwear merchants

Most of the business models of Vietnamese sexy underwear merchants are based on quality and moderate prices. At the same time, they pay attention to the quality of customer experience and services during the sales process.But more and more merchants have begun Taobao models to attract customers at low prices.

Vietnamese sex underwear market prospects outlook

Although Vietnam’s sexy underwear market is still in its infancy in the international market, the trend is very active, the market will be wider in the future, and the space for development will become larger and larger.


Vietnam’s sexy underwear has a long history, different from the sexy and boldness of European and American brands. The Vietnamese brand pays attention to natural fabrics and soft feel, and it is also innovative in color.However, when the Vietnamese sex underwear market is facing the challenges of the European and American markets, it still needs to be continuously improved to improve market competitiveness.

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