Wain the fiery cat for sexy underwear to endorse the cat


Fire cats are one of the most popular sexy underwear brands in recent years. Their products are diverse and unique in design, and they are loved by women.However, in order to maintain a competitive advantage in fierce market competition, the fire cat needs a spokesperson to attract more people’s attention.For hot cats, the spokesperson must not only have an advertising effect, but also reflect the inherent characteristics of the brand.

The necessity of choosing spokespersons

Cats need a spokesperson, because the spokesperson can attract the attention of the target customers, so that the brand can increase sales.Through spokespersons, brands can convey unique brand concepts, improve brand recognition, and guide the consumption behavior of target customers.In addition, the spokesperson can help the brand to quickly enter the consumer’s vision and create a different brand image.

Choose the standard of the spokesperson

The spokesperson of the hot cat should meet the following standards:

Can reflect the uniqueness of the brand

With different characteristics, it can attract different consumer groups

Aesthetic standards that meet the style of cat products

With advertising value, it can help the brand enter the consumer’s vision quickly

Fan Bingbing: Perfect spokesperson?

Fan Bingbing has a very popular and outstanding image, which is in line with the criteria for choosing cats.Her hot figure and beauty can attract more people to pay attention to the product that provokes fire cats.More importantly, Fan Bingbing’s endorsement cats can reflect the uniqueness and brand concept of the fire cat products, and the publicity effect is great, especially for young consumer groups.

Guo Biting: Another choice

If the fire cat wants to attract more attention, you can choose Guo Biting as the spokesperson.Unlike Fan Bingbing, Guo Biting represents different aesthetic standards and personality. Young consumers may be easier to accept her image, and it is easier to believe that hot cats can create a more suitable sexy image for them.

The advantages of the old spokesperson

Most of the sexy lingerie brands like to choose young stars. However, causing cats can also choose some spokesperson for some older and years of baptism.This can not only better reflect the brand’s temperament, but also form a sharp contrast to other brands.Such spokespersons are easier to establish a stable connection with consumers, especially for people over 40 years old.Don’t forget that they are actually the main part of the market.

Precision marketing: bring more audiences

A successful spokesperson can not only reflect the inherent characteristics of the brand, but also help the brand to achieve precise marketing.In conjunction with the activities of shopping websites and social media, hot cats can attract more people to pay attention to brands and get more conversion rates.Through statistical analysis, the hot cat can better guide the brand’s future strategic decisions to meet the needs of the market.

How to protect the brand image

If you choose a spokesperson, it is very important to protect the brand image, especially in the erotic supplies industry.Cats must be vigilant because the risk of exposure is much higher than other industries.While maintaining a high degree of public relations awareness, the fire cat should sign a confidentiality agreement with the spokesperson for cooperation to protect the brand image and spokesperson.


Fire cats can choose Fan Bingbing or Guo Biting as the brand’s spokesperson.In addition, choosing some old -fashioned spokespersons is also a choice that is convenient for forming in sharp contrast to other brands.Regardless of the choice, hot cats need to pay attention to protecting the brand image and use the spokesperson to achieve precise marketing.

By choosing the right spokesperson, causing cats can not only increase the popularity of the brand, but also win more loyal consumers.

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