Wear sex underwear kitchen cooking

Why wear sex lingerie and cook

Although I just heard the concept of cooking in the kitchen in the kitchen, I may feel outrageous.However, in fact, some people believe that wearing erotic underwear can not only increase life interest, but also improve the experience of cooking.Therefore, wearing fun underwear in the kitchen at home not only adds sexy and romantic atmosphere, but also relieves the fatigue and impatience of the kitchen work.

Which erotic underwear is selected?

First of all, in order not to affect movement and freedom, you need to choose a suitable size and comfortable sexy underwear.In terms of specific choices, you can choose according to your style and preferences.For example, some women are used to wearing sexy clothes in the kitchen, while others may like to wear perspective underwear, lace underwear or bellybands.

Safety Precautions

If you want to cook in a sexy underwear in the kitchen, you need to pay attention to some safety precautions.First of all, you need to avoid excessive accessories on your body to prevent accidents such as tripping or flip the oil.Dirty and affecting cooking quality.

Master the cooking process

After wearing a sexy underwear, the cooking process also needs to be mastered.For example, during the cooking process, you need to try to sit down or bend down to prevent damage or embarrassment in unsafe; at the same time, you also need to pay attention to the hygiene and protection of the hand to avoid cutting or stained with dirty.An accident occurs.

The kitchen atmosphere should be adjusted

In order to create a better kitchen atmosphere, beautiful flowers or branches and leaves can be paved on the tablecloth. This will not only make the kitchen look more fresh and natural, but also help add the overall beauty of the kitchen; in addition, you can also play some soothing music or to play some soothing music orPut some fragrance candles to create a more relaxed kitchen atmosphere.

Recommended dishes

In addition to wearing sexy underwear, the choice of dishes is also an important part of improving the cooking experience.When choosing dishes, you can try some dishes with low calories and refreshing taste, such as honey juice and cold skin, cold cucumber, etc., not only good taste, but also not to make people feel sultry and uncomfortable because of eating.

Falling underwear cleaning

After completing the cooking of the kitchen, cleaning sex underwear is also an indispensable job.Before cleaning the erotic underwear, you need to master the cleaning method.Under normal circumstances, the oil and dirt on the surface of the underwear should be cleaned first, and then it is cleaned in cold water, and finally it can be dried.

How to store sexy suits

After cleaning the fun underwear, you need to pay attention to the storage of sexy underwear.In order to extend the life of the sexy underwear, the underwear can be placed in an environment with strong humidity and hygroscopic absorption. At the same time, the underwear needs to be sorted and stored so that it can be quickly found in later use.

Pay attention to the serious attitude

Cooking in sexy underwear is a sexy manifestation, but when encountering cooking problems, we must maintain a serious attitude and calm mentality. Do not ignore the various regulations, biology and chemistry in the cooking process because of wearing sexy underwearKnowledge.This can ensure the safety and deliciousness of the dishes.

The importance of structural thinking

Structural thinking is very important in the process of wearing sex underwear.Before cooking, it is necessary to formulate a set of effective, clear, and operable cooking solutions based on the type and production difficulty of the dishes, so as to avoid confusion and cooking interruption.


Overall, wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen can not only enjoy the fun of cooking, but also increase the taste of life.However, you need to pay attention to safety issues, choose the appropriate cooking method, and the choice of dishes to ensure that the cooking process is smooth and fun.

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