Wear sex underwear outside and outside windbreaker

Background introduction

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a trend of women’s fashion, and wearing sexy underwear out is a bolder fashion attempt, but some women still feel that this kind of dress lacks layering and excessive exposure.In this situation, wearing a sexy underwear and windbreaker has become a good choice.

Choose the importance of sexy underwear

The key to wearing sexy underwear is how to choose the style suitable for your own underwear.Sexy, bold design and exquisite sewing process can make the sexy underwear look particularly charming.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must fully consider your body characteristics, and choose the material, model and color that suits you.

Tips for choosing a jacket

When wearing sexy underwear out, the choice of jackets looks particularly important.Taking a windbreaker as an example, its slender silhouette and simple design style can well balance the sexy atmosphere of sexy underwear, and at the same time guarantee it in warmth.

Improve the sense of layering of wearing

In addition to choosing a jacket, it is also important to improve the layering of sexy underwear and jackets.You can improve the sense of layering by selecting sexy underwear and jackets with similar colors or strong color contrast.At the same time, putting a sweater or a bottoming shirt in the trench coat can also increase the sense of layering.

Ensure the overall style of wearing

Wearing sexy underwear out not only needs to consider the problem of sexy underwear and jacket, but also pay attention to the choice of accessories.For example, when choosing shoes, pay attention to the matching of the shape and color of the shoes and the sexy underwear and jacket to ensure the coordination of the overall style.

Taboo for wearing taboo for different occasions

Different taboos need to pay attention to different occasions.For example, in formal occasions, the trench coat of sexy underwear may appear not solemn enough; in the party, excessive exposed erotic underwear may make people feel disgusted.Therefore, when choosing underwear and jackets, choose appropriate styles according to different occasions to ensure the appropriateness of wear.

Maintenance of sexy underwear in it

Pay attention to maintenance problems in sexy underwear.It is recommended to use neutral detergent to wash it with hand, and do not put it under the sun.In addition, keep dry and do not put it in a humid place.

Wind coat purchase skills

It is suitable for the windbreakers of the sexy underwear jacket to have two characteristics: first, the delicate texture, so that it can avoid the problem of contrasting color with sexy underwear because the texture is too shiny; second, the silhouette is not loose and the body is not too much to split the body.To ensure the sexy atmosphere of sexy underwear.

Life practice of wearing skills

What we need to understand is that wearing skills are not unchanged, and need to be adjusted and transformed according to the actual living conditions.For example, in the cold winter, you can choose a down jacket to replace the trench coat, and at the same time you can put on the boots to ensure the warmth of the wear.

Point of view

Wearing a sexy underwear and windbreaker is a seemingly complicated but very practical wearing skills.As long as you choose sexy underwear, jacket and shoes reasonably, and pay attention to the matching of the occasion and temperament, you can easily wear your own sexy and charm.However, it should be noted that wearing skills is only a part, self -confidence and temperament are the key to truly highlight the inside -wear underwear and windbreaker.

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