Wear sex underwear to sleep

Why does anyone choose to wear a fun underwear to sleep

It is a very personal thing to wear sex underwear. There are not many such crowds, but in fact, some people do like to do so.What is the reason why people choose to wear sexy underwear while sleeping?

Sexual and comfortable choice

Sleeping in erotic underwear can make people balance between comfort and sexy.Ordinary pajamas are usually designed to be comfortable without much beauty; and sexy underwear is pursuing sexy, usually not comfortable.Sleeping in erotic underwear can experience the sexy and beautiful dressing feeling, but also have comfortable sleep protection.

Sexy sexy charm

Wearing sexy sexy underwear, even when sleeping, can evoke your confidence and sexy temperament.Even if no one else sees it, you can feel his beauty and sexy, which is a good mood to vent.At the same time, the sexy charm that exudes can also make your other half more admire you.

Enhance interest and intimacy with partners

Wearing sexy underwear with your partner can not only enhance interest and stimulate desire, but also make the two closer.There is no exception while sleeping.Wearing a sexy underwear to sleep can make the sensory experience of both parties more intimate and fit, and enhance the feelings between husband and wife.

Stay in shape

For some women, wearing a suitable sexy underwear can make the chest and hips look more plump and upright, showing a charming curve beauty.If you wear sexy underwear at night, the beautiful curve can be kept better.

What kind of sexy underwear should I choose?

If you want to wear sex underwear while sleeping, which type of sexy underwear should you choose?On the one hand, there are many types of sexy underwear, which are suitable for different figures and styles. On the other hand, wearing sexy lingerie also takes into account the guarantee of sleep quality.Therefore, it is critical to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Soft and temperament are good

For those who need to ensure sleep comfort, it is best to choose a soft and relaxed sexy underwear.The soft and comfortable sexy lingerie can not only ensure the quality of sleep, but also perfectly show the beautiful temperament of women.

Avoid too tight or impermeable underwear

Tighter or impermeable sexy underwear can affect the quality of sleep, and it is not conducive to physical health.Therefore, you should choose sexy underwear suitable for your body and sleep habits to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness

Pay attention to hygiene and cleaning when wearing erotic underwear, especially in summer, sweat is easy to accumulate on clothes, causing bacteria to breed.Therefore, it is best to replace or wash sexy underwear every day to ensure good hygiene and health.

Pay attention to personal health situation

For some people with weak or diseases, wearing sex underwear to sleep may not be appropriate.You should choose a pajamas that suits you according to your physical condition and your doctor’s suggestion.


Although sleeping underwear is not the choice of everyone, for some specific people, doing so may bring a positive experience.Choose sexy underwear that is suitable for your body and sleep to ensure cleaning and hygiene, exercise your self -confidence and charm, and may also bring a healthier and better life experience.

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