Wearing a rope sex lingerie big wave girlfriend

Wearing a rope sex lingerie big wave girlfriend

Interesting underwear is a special underwear designed as a sexual experience that increased sexual experience when performing sex with a partner.There are many different types of sexy underwear in the market, allowing people to choose styles according to their own tastes.Among them, rope sex lingerie is a challenging sexy underwear. It contains many fiber ropes that can be used for physical restraint and sexual violence fantasy.

1. Understand rope sex lingerie

Rope erotic underwear is a special underwear composed of many ropes.These ropes are tied to key parts of the body, such as breasts, waist and wrists.The tightness of the rope can be adjusted according to personal preferences, so that people can experience the sense of restraint with different levels of challenging and irritating.

2. The material of the rope sex lingerie

Rope erotic underwear is usually wrapped in soft cotton ropes and upgraded leather.Cotton rope is an ideal choice because it can provide a soft touch on the breast and skin, and it is easy to adjust it when binding, making people more comfortable.Leather is suitable for those who want to experience heavier restraints.

3. Style of rope sexy underwear

There are various styles of rope erotic underwear, but the most common is the milk rot and body embolism.The milk rot is a rope that is only between the nipples and the breast, and the body embolism is a rope tied to the breast and the back.Couples can choose a variety of styles and styles according to their preferences.

4. The purpose of rope sex lingerie

Using rope erotic underwear can add a new stimulus and challenge in the sex experience.It allows people to switch between different sexual characters and experience a more colorful sex life.Tie rope can stimulate human sensory nerves, allow people to experience a stronger feeling, and at the same time, it can also increase the tense atmosphere of sex.

5. Precautions for tie rope

When using rope erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to some security issues.First of all, choose a rope with appropriate size to avoid too tight and cause damage.Second, avoid excessive use to avoid discomfort in the body.Finally, the husband and wife must have sufficient communication to confirm that both parties are interested in this experience, and have no allergies and contraindications to use them safely.

6. The flexibility of the rope

Compared to other types of sexy underwear, rope sexy underwear is more flexible.Because the ropes can be adjusted and bundled according to their own needs, not limited by other materials.The mix of skin and ropes can allow people to get more sensory stimuli in visual effects, and at the same time, it can also better experience the body’s touch.

7. Matching accessories

When buying rope sexy underwear, you also need to choose accessories.For example, bronze or golden buckle, saddle shape and inlaid crystal.These accessories can make the underwear look more unique, fashionable and sexy, and increase the emotional interaction between husband and wife.

8. Cleaning and protection of rope

Rope sexy underwear should be kept clean and daily.To avoid direct exposure, it is best to dry it in a ventilated and dry place to prevent fading and damage.When cleaning, it is best to use professional cleaning agents and soft agents to avoid skin sensitivity and excessive moisturizing.

in conclusion:

Rope erotic underwear is a challenging and unique sexy underwear.When using, you need to pay attention to safety issues and comfort to avoid unnecessary damage and discomfort.Reasonable use of rope erotic underwear can bring more exciting, colorful and rich sexual experiences, try it with your lover!

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