Wearing chain in sexy underwear is not blocked

Wearing chain in sexy underwear is not blocked

Wearing chain in sexy underwear is not blocked

The origin of chain sex underwear

Chain sex lingerie originally originated in Europe and the United States. Some rebellious designers added chain elements in the design of underwear to emphasize sexy, exposed skin and unique styles, and gradually became welcomed by young people.

Chain sex underwear style

The style of chain sex underwear is mainly divided into three types: bra, top and underwear. There are also some suits designs, such as chain camisole jumpsuits.

Chain erotic underwear material

The material of the chain erotic underwear is generally aluminum alloy or stainless steel. It has good plasticity and toughness. It can well fit the body curve and give people the ultimate enjoyment.

Skills wearing chain erotic underwear

Pay attention to the following skills in chain sexy underwear:

1. Make sure that the chain is not tight or too loose, too tight may bleed, and overly loosening will affect the overall effect;

2. With suitable clothing, it is not appropriate to wear too exposed or too loose;

3. Pay attention to wearing scenes, do not wear chain sex underwear to public places to cause embarrassment.

Chain sexy underwear advantages

The advantage of chain erotic underwear is that it is extremely disruptive and innovative, showing perfect figure and ultimate sexy, making people feel the pleasure and excitement of sex.

Disadvantages of chain erotic underwear

The disadvantage of chain erotic underwear is that it is not suitable for long -term wearing, it is easy to draw traces and scratch the skin. At the same time, the price is also more expensive and not suitable for ordinary consumers.

Maintenance of chain erotic underwear

The maintenance of chain sex lingerie needs special attention. Generally, it should be avoided, wear, wear and strong corrosive liquid, regularly clean and disinfect, and can use professional care liquid.

Suitable for people wearing chain sex underwear

The suitable people wearing chain sex underwear are mainly people who want to add interest in young people and husband and wife life. They have a certain attitude of sexual experience and trying fresh experience.

The safety of wearing chain sexy underwear

Pay attention to safety in wearing chain sexy underwear. Do not excessively tighten the chain to avoid problems such as the steel wire hooking into the skin, pendant bleeding amount, and causeing infection of sensitive parts.

The point of view of chain erotic underwear

As a fashion and interesting blend of chain, there is no problem in itself. The point is to experience and try on the premise of correct understanding, stable consumption and security, and try to avoid excessive showing off, vanity, and exploring unknown adventure psychology.

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