Wearing sex lingerie is abandoned

Introduction: The concept of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to a underwear for the purpose of increasing sexual interests or fun.It is usually more naked than ordinary underwear, or a unique design, which is very suitable for some people who like to try new things.In the world, sexy underwear is a popular fashion element, which is not essentially different from ordinary underwear.However, due to the traditional understanding and limitations of sex and sex culture, wearing sex underwear is easily disliked and discriminated.Below we will discuss this issue.

The reason for abandoning sexy underwear

First of all, people who abandon sexy underwear often think that wearing a sexy underwear shows off her sexy or revealing their privacy.They have a wrong understanding of sexy underwear, thinking that people in sexy underwear often have a light character or vulgar sexual habit.Secondly, because all cultural, religious and legal systems are prohibited from exposing the body, wearing sexy underwear can easily make people feel that it is routine, violated cultural traditions and social rules, which is abandoned.

Aesthetics and art of sexy underwear

However, from another perspective, the reason why interest underwear is manufactured and designed is because its existence has certain aesthetic and artistic value.The special materials used in sex underwear, gorgeous embroidery patterns, and exquisite handmade skills can all reflect the designer’s unique taste and creativity.Putting on sex underwear, especially for women, can feel the beauty, sexy and temperament of yourself, and this is not visible everywhere.

The practicality and comfort of sexy underwear

The two indicators of the comfort and practicality of sex underwear are not lower than the conventional underwear, and sometimes even better.This is because sexy underwear usually has undergone strict quality inspection and production processes. Both materials and production processes are guaranteed, and they also have relatively high cost performance in terms of comfort and personal sense.Wearing good erotic underwear will not only relieve stress and anxiety, but also effectively improve self -confidence and temperament.

Falling underwear wearing and matching skills

Although sexy underwear is more special, it is not a costume limited to the bedroom.Sometimes, in specific occasions and atmosphere, wearing sexy underwear is not inappropriate.Of course, this needs to be properly matched, pay attention to the needs of the occasion and the crowd, and encounter the right opportunity and situation. Wearing a sexy underwear is also a pleasant thing.As people’s openness and acceptance of sexual concepts gradually increase, wearing sexy underwear has gradually become a symbol of culture and fashion.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sex health

It should be noted that wearing erotic underwear does not mean letting your own sexual desire and lowering vigilance.When buying sexy underwear, you must choose regular brands and manufacturers. At the same time, pay attention to whether the fabrics and materials meet the human engineering and health requirements, and avoid the health risks and side effects brought by unqualified sexy underwear.Especially those who are allergic to certain chemicals should be extremely cautious to avoid wearing sexy underwear that is not suitable for them.

The attitude towards sex underwear should be more open and tolerant

In general, people who dislike sex underwear often need more openness and tolerance.On the premise of respecting the basic rights of others, identifying fashion trends, and being able to keep their own unique aesthetics, sexy underwear is a charming and joyful clothing, which may bring a wonderful sexual experience and beautiful emotional memories.As a mature society and culture, we should treat sexy underwear rationally so that everyone can choose, enjoy and pursue our own happiness freely.


Finally, sexy underwear is a embodiment of aesthetics, art and culture. Wearing sexy underwear should be a free, pleasure and happiness experience.However, while using sexy underwear, we should pay attention to quality and health, maintain an openness and humble attitude, and look at the special fashion element of sexy underwear with rational and respectful eyes.

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