Wearing sex underwear pollution

Wearing sex underwear pollution

With the continuous openness of sexual concepts, the market demand for sexy underwear has become more and more demanded, becoming one of the modern couples, husband and wife supplies, but how to choose matching and dressing in such many styles of sexy underwear on the market?

1. Understand all kinds of sexy lingerie styles

Before buying, we must first understand different styles of sexual emotional and sexy lingerie.Common sexy underwear includes split, conjoined, open crotch, lace, bikini, etc.The split type can be worn alone or other clothing. The bikini style is a more sexy style, which can beautify the curve of the hip.

Second, choose a size that suits you

It is important to choose the right size.Too tightly affects the blood circulation, and it is too pine and cannot show the beauty.It is recommended to choose a size suitable for you in your own body size and the size of the product when choosing.

Third, pay attention to underwear materials

Fun underwear material is a factor that needs to be concerned. The texture of soft texture, breathable, not easy to get hair, not easy to fade, and convenient washing is an important choice standard.It is best to choose a brand -guaranteed sexy underwear brand, so that you can worry about choosing inferior products.

Fourth, color choices are also important

The color selection of sexy underwear is also a question that needs special attention. Different colors of sexy underwear represent different emotions and sexy feelings.In most cases, sexy colors such as red, purple, black, etc. are the preferred colors, and it is not easy to choose rose red, dark green, etc. It is also very attractive.

5. Details when wearing

The details when wearing are important, because the details determine the success or failure.Pay attention to adjusting the length of the shoulder strap to ensure that the underwear is appropriate and comfortable, and it also helps improve sexual and sexuality.When wearing sexy underwear, try to choose with accessories, such as lipstick, necklace, etc., to enhance more sexy and temperament for the overall image.

6. Regular cleaning

After wearing, the sexy underwear should be cleaned in time as possible to prevent problems such as incompatible and incomplete sterilization, and at the same time, it also helps extend the service life.When cleaning, avoid friction to avoid damaging the details of the underwear.

7. Preserve underwear correctly

When preservation of sexy underwear, avoid pressing it on other items as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature baking, etc. to save as much as possible.If you do n’t wear it for a long time, you can remove the breath regularly. You can wash it with water to keep the underwear clean and breathable.

8. Sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone

Finally, we must admit that sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone.Wearing a sex underwear is a way to highlight itself. The purpose is to stimulate the spirit of the other party and the emotional response of the body.If you are not confident or feel uncomfortable, you may wish to start with your own comfort, which is the best choice.

in conclusion

In short, when choosing, wearing, and maintaining sexy underwear, you must pay attention to details and quality, which can not only enhance your self -confidence, but also be more attractive in terms of sexy and aesthetics.

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