Wearing sexy underwear leaks underarmed meat meat

Wearing sexy underwear leaks underarmed meat meat

Many women can enhance self -confidence and sexual charm.However, when wearing sexy underwear, if the underarm meat is leaked, it will not only seriously affect the overall beauty, but also make women feel embarrassed in public.Next, we will explain in detail how to avoid wearing sexy underwear leaky underarms from many aspects such as purchase, size, version, and matching.

1. The size is inappropriate

Interesting underwear size is usually smaller than ordinary underwear, but if the size is too small, it will cause friction between the edges of the sex underwear and the body, uncomfortable wear, and can easily lead to an overflow of underarms.Therefore, it is important to choose the correct size.

2. Pay attention to the version

Like ordinary underwear, the version of the sexy underwear is also divided into high and low waist.If women are not properly matched, the flesh of the waist and underarms will flow out.Considering various problems, it is generally recommended to choose a sexy underwear with high or middle waist, which can effectively avoid the outflow of waist and armpit.

3. Choose the right fabric

Different fabrics affect the shaping effect of sexy underwear.For the flesh that is easy to smooth, you can choose fabrics with better elasticity and firm effect.In addition, it is best to choose fabrics such as soft cotton and Modal to wear higher comfort.

4. Turned the strap tight and too fine

If the strap is too tight, it will restrain the shoulders, aggravate the pressure of the underarms, and cause the flesh to overflow.It is recommended to choose a thick strap to reduce the burden on the shoulders, and at the same time, it can also effectively avoid the sliding of erotic underwear in the flesh.

5. Avoid erotic underwear with unevenness of holes and stitching

Frequent erotic underwear, which often use, may occur due to long time, uneven stitching, or unknown buttons.This will cause a certain pressure to the body, which will not only affect the overall shape, but also make the edge of the sex underwear extending, it is difficult to cover the display of the flesh of the underarms.

6. Put on a bumpy underwear

Putting on a beam of underwear is a conventional method that avoids the flesh of the axillary.Bid -body underwear can close the body of the body, covering the details that affect wearing aesthetics.You can try different materials of bodies to find the best style that can be comfortable and tight.

7. Try a gray small vest

Gray vest can reduce the oppression of the axillary meat when wearing a sexy underwear.The vest is particularly suitable for sexy underwear such as embroidery, sequins, mesh fabrics, etc. It is easy to be free when putting on, and it can also play a certain role.

8. Put on the right underwear suit

In order to achieve a better shaping effect, you can put on underwear suits wrapped in specific parts.The multi -level compression effect can make the physical shape more beautiful, and at the same time, it can also close the flesh to effectively avoid the exposure of the flesh under the armpit.

9. Pay attention to the order of dressing

When wearing sexy underwear, first wear underwear suits, and then wear sex underwear on this basis, it can better reduce the oppression of sexy underwear on the flesh and effectively reduce the leakage area of the flesh under the armpit.

10. Sports weight loss

Avoid leakage of under the armpit, you can shape the body shape, enhance your physique, reduce the relaxation of the body and reduce the amount of fat.Usually do more aerobic exercise and strength training to practice a good body of confidence, and at the same time, it also avoids the exposure of the axillary flesh when wearing fun underwear.

To sum up, the choice and dressing criteria for sexy underwear are very important for the leakage of the flesh under the armpit.In daily wear, you can choose the appropriate underwear style and matching according to your body shape and needs to achieve the best shaping effect.At the same time, we must also pay attention to daily exercise and living habits to maintain a good body.

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