Weidian Shenzhen Fun Show

Weidian Shenzhen Fun Show

In Shenzhen, fun underwear is a product that needs to be purchased and purchased carefully.If you choose an error when buying for the first time, it will not only affect your dress style, but also have a negative impact on the body. Therefore, we provide a variety of styles and different types of sexy underwear in micro -stores to help you choose the most suitable for youProducts of.

1. Pay attention to styles

Fun underwear style should first attract your attention, because they easily let you show your personality and charm.Different people like different styles, so they must choose a style that suits them for themselves.For example, light sexy underwear is suitable for people who seek relaxation and comfort.

2. Supporting force must be considered

In addition to the style of sexy lingerie, supporting power is also an important factor that must be considered.Because people’s physical conditions are different, the requirements of supporting power are also different.What needs to be kept in mind is that it is best not to choose a sexy underwear that is too tight, otherwise it will limit the body’s free movement and cause discomfort.

3. Material is the key

Material is a factor that must be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Therefore, you need to choose comfortable and soft fabrics to provide a sense of comfort all -weather.Compared with cotton, blending materials are usually more suitable for sex underwear because they are more suitable for the body curve and are more durable.

4. Keep dry and clean

In order to ensure dryness and cleaning when using sexy underwear, our suggestions are hand -washing to avoid using powerful cleaner and friction too much.You should choose a gentle cleaning agent and proper weak friction.

5. Understand the body curve

Understanding the body curve is a very important factor when choosing a sexy underwear.Only by knowing your body curve can you better choose the right style, materials and sizes.Therefore, we recommend using a tailor -made size when measuring the body curve to ensure the most comfortable dress.

6. Color selection

Color is one of the important factors when choosing sexy underwear.If your skin is whiter, then the color matching effect is very good; if your skin is darker, then it is more suitable for choosing a dark -colored sexy underwear.Overall, choosing the color that is similar to your skin color will give people a natural feeling.

7. Best better

Most erotic underwear is designed to tighten the body, but what cannot be ignored is that sexy underwear needs to leave a certain space to ensure good breathing.Choose the unobstructed sexy underwear style, which can maintain comfortable breathing and solve the humid feeling.

8. There are special occasions requirements

Interest underwear can not only meet personal needs in life, but also need to be selected according to the scene.For example, in terms of weddings, white, pink and light -colored sexy underwear will be more suitable, and in Valentine’s Day, red, black and other colors are more suitable.

9. Private comfort

One of the very important functions of sexy underwear is to bring you a private comfort.You can choose appropriate elasticity to ensure that you feel free and comfortable, and show a perfect body shape on the formal occasions and various occasions.

10. Overall

Micro -shop offers a variety of styles, materials and size sexy underwear to help you choose the product that suits you easily.At the same time, whether you searched for beautiful women’s erotic underwear or adult sex underwear, micro -shops have a variety of products to choose from.Whether you want a gentleman, sexy models or European and American sex underwear, we will meet your needs.

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