Well -known sexy underwear in Japan

Well -known sexy underwear in Japan

Japan has always been one of the birthplaces of sexy underwear. It has many well -known sexy underwear brands and has its own characteristics.This article will introduce you to the well -known Japanese sexy underwear brands and different types of products.

La Senza -classic and sexy brand

La Senza is a classic and sexy brand, and at the same time, it has a sweet and cute style.The most popular products are no bra and stockings.Many of the design styles of La Senza are composed of sexy, fashionable, cute and stable elements.

Ravijour -intelligent unlocked underwear

Ravijour is a sexy underwear brand with innovative and technological elements. The underwear they designed can be unlocked curious, making women can’t wait to wait for her lover to unlock him.The built -in intelligent device of the underwear to detect whether women are in a "admiration state" through deep learning algorithms. If so, the metal buckle is automatically unlocked.

Peach John -won the favorite brand of Tokyo women

PEACH JOHN is one of the favorite sexy underwear brands in Japanese women, known for its gentle and sweet color and stylish high -quality design.Their product line not only has a conventional underwear series, but also the leisure and comfort series suitable for home furnishings.

Wacoal -brand that embodies elegant and mature

Wacoal is a mature brand that advocates healthy underwear habits and elegant style.As a well -known brand, WACOAL has launched a variety of product lines in Japan, including mature, elegant, elegant underwear series, and popular adjustable underwear series.

Gelato Pique -Great Popular Net Red Brand

Gelato Pique is a very popular underwear brand.Their product lines include those gorgeous patterns and sweet colors, and their underwear often appears on social media websites.Gelato Pique’s underwear is suitable for those sexy girls who like to reduce age.

Euan -simple design, focusing on texture

Euan is a simple design and texture of sexy underwear brands. They emphasize the natural beauty of women.The brand’s design concept is to make women have a natural inner feeling, and even underwear rubber bands must reflect texture and comfort.

Loveladys -simple and elegant

LoveLadys is a simple and elegant sexy underwear.Although the appearance of the brand looks simple, it pays great attention to the comfort and functionality of underwear.They emphasize the beauty of women, trying to make women rejuvenate a restrained charm.

Pinky Girls -cute size, very suitable for Asian women

Pinky Girls is a cute underwear brand that is cute and very suitable for Asian women.The product line includes colorful and cute underwear, mature sexy underwear, and effective shaped underwear.This brand focuses on pink and cute color and charm.

Wamma -stable quality, reasonable price

Wamma is a stable quality and reasonable sexy underwear brand.Brand products are available for flat and profitable prices, while ensuring excellent quality and design.Wamma’s underwear design is developing in the direction of sexy, fashion and brand value.


Japan has many well -known sexy underwear brands, and their design styles and priorities are different.While successful, these brands are also constantly improving, bringing more new underwear styles to customers.It’s time to try to understand these brands by yourself.

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