What are the names of women’s sex lingerie stores

What are the names of women’s sex lingerie stores

In this era, women’s erotic underwear is more and more popular with female friends, and all kinds of erotic lingerie shops are born from this.Different erotic lingerie stores will have different characteristics and selling points. Today we will understand what women’s sexy underwear shops are.

Specialty store

Specialty stores usually sell only one or several sexy underwear brands.They are officially authorized by the brand or they are independently opened by themselves. The advantages of this store are that the product is guaranteed, the underwear quality is high, and it will also provide better after -sales service and supporting product recommendations.


Chain stores are in many cities that have branch -storey underwear shops.Usually they sell more underwear brands and richer types.At the same time, due to the large scale, the price between each store will be different, but it will not be too high.

Online mall

The online mall is an e -commerce platform established and maintained by the website company.Female friends can browse, choose, buy underwear and related products on it.This method is convenient and fast, no need to go out, and the price is relatively cheap.

Taobao store

Taobao stores are actually a form of online malls. Some interested individuals or companies can open personalized sexy underwear shops on Taobao Mall.The advantage is that it is convenient and fast, and the price is more cost -effective.The disadvantage is that the authenticity is difficult to distinguish, and the quality of the underwear is uneven.

Physical store

Physical stores refer to physical sexy underwear stores established in urban or commercial areas.The relaxed atmosphere, intuitive feelings, and size fit, so that the sales volume of physical store underwear and the demand for female consumers have remained relatively balanced.

Online shop

Online stores refer to online underwear stores that do not have traditional physical stores.Most of the underwear in the online stores attract users with the characteristics of Taobao stores, convenient websites, and purchasing products outside the physical store.The disadvantage is that it cannot be tried and after -sales service is relatively poor.

Customized shop

This kind of shop is mainly based on custom women’s sexy underwear, and fabrics, models, details, etc. can be tailored according to the needs of customers.The probability of underwear and others is very low, suitable for female friends who need personalized personalized.

Healthy shop

The sexy underwear sold for healthy and comfortable stores is mainly to sell for health and comfort.Lepato fabrics are organic materials, LYCRA elastic fiber, Nylon nylon, polyester, Lycra, etc., which are also more suitable for some female friends who are more sensitive to the skin.

High -end custom store

High -end custom stores are usually set up to meet the personalized needs of high -end customers.They are usually set in high -end business districts or shopping malls, with relatively high product grades, quality, and services, suitable for female friends with spending power.


Women’s sexy underwear stores have their own characteristics due to their different sales models, product styles, and service features.Female friends can understand the advantages and disadvantages of various stores and the main selling points, can I choose the underwear shop that suits them best among many choices.

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