What does the five elements of sexy underwear mean

What does the five elements of sexy underwear mean

When it comes to the attributes of the five elements, I believe that the easiest to think of is the five elements: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water.These five elements are the five elements in ancient Chinese philosophy.In terms of sexy underwear design, the attributes of the five elements are also used to achieve different effects.So, what does the five elements of sex lingerie mean?Let’s discuss it together.

1. Wooden sexy jelly

First of all, let’s take a look at wooden sexy underwear.Wooden sexy underwear is mainly designed as the main design elements such as beautiful, soft, harmonious, light, sensitivity and other properties.Elegant and fresh colors are usually used to show women’s charming softness and elegance. The commonly used colors include light green, pink, yellow, etc., giving people a pure, natural and elegant feeling.

2. Fire Sex Fun Show

Fire sexy underwear is mainly based on passion and enthusiasm, and usually uses red, orange, and wine red.Fire sexy underwear can ignite the sexy and vitality of women, and at the same time make people feel sexy.This kind of sexy underwear is generally used in simple and bold design, which can highlight the body curve and characteristics of women.

3. Earth -sexy top

The main design elements are stable, thick, deep, mature, and natural.Modern women often bear more complex roles in their lives. Therefore, they need to hide themselves in "soil" and make themselves more restrained and stable by putting on earthy sexy underwear.The usual colors include yellow, emerald green and other tones, and use the elements of nature, thick, and sophisticated.

4. Gold Falling Dress

Unlike the earthy sexy underwear, golden sexy underwear pursues the characteristics of luxury atmosphere and rich and elegant. Golden represents wealth, glory and nobleness, and is a symbol of noble, atmospheric and elegant.Its design uses gold, white, dark green and other colors, high -end, elegant, and artistic.

5. Water Sex Fun Show

The last one is water sexy underwear.Water sexy underwear mainly uses blue, purple and dark green, etc., highlighting its fresh and pure properties.The characteristic of this kind of sexy underwear is streamlined, which not only shows the soft characteristics of women, but also creates a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere.Suitable for women who like romance and mysterious.

in conclusion

No matter what type of sexy underwear, its design and color will have an impact on women’s psychology.Friends who are engaged in sexy underwear stores can provide them with suitable sexy underwear by analyzing the personality and preferences of customers to achieve the effect of precise marketing.For consumers, choosing a sexy underwear that suits the attributes of them can make themselves more confident, charming, and sexy.

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