What kind of eye -catching underwear in Pinduoduo

Title: Analysis of Pinduoduo Sexuria Underwear Category

With the advancement of the times, people’s demand for sexy underwear has become higher and higher. Pinduoduo is a huge e -commerce platform, and it also attaches great importance to the category of sexy underwear.This article will analyze the category setting of sexy underwear on the Pinduoduo platform to help consumers who want to choose sexy underwear in Pinduoduo.

1. Classification process

On the Pinduoduo platform, the classification settings of sexy underwear are very concise, and all the sexy underwear is uniformly attributed to the category of "sexy underwear".


There are rich and diverse styles for consumers to choose from under the large category of sexy underwear, including women’s sexy underwear, men’s sexy underwear, sexy underwear suits, role -playing clothing, SM props, etc.

Third, women’s sexy lingerie

As the best -selling sexy underwear on the Pinduoduo platform, women’s sex lingerie is also very rich in types.Among them, the more common ones include lace hollow, lace conjoined, bellybands, low -cut necks, split -to -showed legs, etc.

Fourth, men’s sexy underwear

Compared with women’s sexy lingerie, men’s sexy underwear needs less demand, but it also attracts the attention of consumers.Common men’s sexy lingerie styles include sexy perspective, low -waist briefs, and sex thongs.

Five, sexy underwear suits

Sexy underwear suits are a relatively practical classification. They can usually contain a variety of different styles of sexy underwear. For example, a set of underwear contains a variety of matching methods such as bra, underwear, and suspender.

6. Character playing clothing

Role -playing clothing is a very interesting sexy underwear classification. The product style of this classification is very wide, such as police officers, students, nurses, dancers and other different role.

Seven, SM props

Compared with other types of sexy underwear, SM props are usually some supplies for restraint and tuning. They are not suitable for all people. Before use, you need to consider it carefully.

Eight, price interval

On the Pinduoduo platform, the price of sexy underwear is very close to the people. You can find a product that suits you between 20 yuan and 200 yuan.

Nine, positioning crowd

The sexy underwear on the Pinduoduo platform is usually positioned on the young people, including single men, women, couples, couples, etc.

10. Conclusion

This article briefly analyzes the category of sexy underwear on the Pinduoduo platform, hoping to help consumers who want to buy sexy underwear on Pinduoduo.Whether you want to pursue a higher sexual experience or want to give a special gift for Valentine’s Day, you can find your satisfactory sexy underwear on Pinduoduo.

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