What kind of sexy underwear is wearing slightly fat

What kind of sexy underwear is wearing slightly fat

For fat women, wearing a suitable set of sexy underwear can not only enhance self -confidence, but also spend a beautiful night in the sexy feeling.However, it is necessary to choose a sexy underwear suitable for slightly fat.In this article, we will introduce you what kind of sexy underwear to cover up slightly, showing a confident and charming figure.

1. Choose a loose sexy underwear

Wearing too tight underwear will highlight the shortcomings of slightly fat women, so choosing a loose sexy underwear will help cover waist fat, and at the same time create a more comfortable and natural dressing experience.

2. Choose a T -shirt -type sex underwear

Although slightly fat women have a variety of shapes, choosing T -shirt -type sexy underwear is a good choice.T -shirt -type sexy underwear is generally suitable for slightly fat body lines, but also relatively clean and tidy.Do not choose too tight underwear to avoid highlighting the shortcomings on your body.

3. Choose a lace sex lingerie belt

Lace erotic underwear belt can fully show the charm of slightly fat women, and usually can adjust the length of the shoulders and underwear, which helps the figures of slightly fat women more glorious.

4. Choose a thick cup -type sexy underwear

Sometimes the breasts of the fat woman are sometimes plump, so choosing a thickened cup -type sexy underwear is a wise choice.Thick cup -type sexy underwear can fully carry the chest, reduce chest pressure, and can also shape a plump and sexy chest shape.

5. Pay attention to the fabric of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose a soft and comfortable fabric to avoid choosing the material that is too stiff and easy to hold the body.This helps to avoid physical discomfort and unsightly appearance.

6. A full set of erotic underwear is more figure

A full set of sexy lingerie is a good choice for micro -fat women, because a full set of sexy underwear will fully show the body advantages and charm of slightly fat women, and make the body look more streamlined.

7. Choosing retro -sexy underwear is more elegant

Retro sexy underwear style is more elegant and beautiful compared to traditional underwear. They show the perfect curve and natural beauty of fat women’s figure lines, and also make their hearts feel happy and satisfied.

8. Choose sexy underwear that is convenient to wear and take off

Wearing a fun underwear that is convenient to wear and take off will not only make slightly fat women feel confident, but also make the entire dressing process more natural and smooth, thereby gaining higher passion and satisfaction.

General view:

For fat women, what kind of sexy underwear is not just a problem, but also an attitude.Choosing the most suitable, natural, and most beautiful sexy underwear is an important guarantee point for slightly fat women to get a good feeling and self -confidence.

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