What materials are needed for sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and special underwear. It requires special materials to make.This article will introduce the necessary materials for sexy underwear, including fabrics, aggregate, accessories and other use materials.Let’s understand it together!

1. cloth

The fabric of sexy underwear is usually soft, comfortable, and shiny.The most commonly used materials are silk, lace and cotton, but can also use other fabrics, such as gauze and lotion fabric commonly used in summer.Silk is a high -grade and expensive material, while lace fabric is even lighter.

2. Inner lining material

Sex underwear usually requires additional lining to support the entire structure.The inner lining material can be cotton, artificial fiber, foam or wire.Cotton lining is the most common choice because it is comfortable and breathable.The wire lining of the wire can provide a better supporting effect and make the underwear more beautiful.


The exquisite curve and curve type on the sexy underwear can be achieved by adding aggregate.Aquarium is a hard material that is usually made of stainless steel or plastic.It enhances the support and shape of underwear by placing the stitching between the underwear structure.This makes sexy underwear more streamlined and can cover the shortcomings of the body.

4. Block

Interest underwear requires a structure that maintains shape.This can be achieved by adding a connection.The buckle can be metal or plastic.The buckle can be used for the shoulder straps and straps of the underwear, or it can also be used to regulate the looseness and shape of the centrifugal weapon.

5. Jewelry

Interest underwear is not only a underwear, it is also full of exquisite accessories.The jewelry includes bow, lace lace, embroidery, stones, and so on.These decorations can enhance the visual attraction and sexy atmosphere of underwear, and can also add some personalized elements.

6. hardware

In addition to liquidation, erotic underwear also requires other hardware to maintain its shape and stability.For example, hooks, nails and suction cups.These hardware can be added on the straps and shoulder straps to facilitate wearing.

7. Adhesive

Sex underwear sometimes needs to use glue to fix structure and accessories, such as sticking stones to it or positioning the aggregate of the underwear.Unfortunately, the adhesive can harden and shrink the fabric, so it cannot be abused.

8. dye

Sex underwear usually needs dyeing to maintain its beauty and sexy.These dyes can be used to customize a special color, or for the folding area or suture of the fabric to increase the visual effect.

For sexy underwear, using special materials is the key to production.Fabrics, lining materials, aggregate, buckle, accessories, hardware, adhesives, and dyes are all key materials for making this strange underwear.Using high -quality materials and design, you can show your beauty and sexy from the inside out.

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