What sexy underwear is suitable for waist thick

What are the fun underwear suitable for waist?

Underwear is a must -have for each woman, and sexy underwear is a kind of underwear with personality, sexy, mysterious and seductive.It can not only add a fun to life, but also make women more confident.However, for women with thick waist, wearing fun underwear is prone to embarrassment.So, how to choose sexy underwear?The following will provide you with some tips.

1. Don’t choose too tight sexy underwear

Women with a plump waist and hip part should not choose sexy underwear of bodies and waist shapes.Because this underwear will make your waist more protruding and look uncoordinated.Therefore, wearing a sexy underwear must choose the right size, which can modify the advantages and not to compress the shortcomings.

2. Looking forward to formulating collar types

Women with thick waist can choose V -type or loose collar sexy underwear.This is because the V -type collar can guide others to look down from the neck to reduce the protruding feeling of the waist, and the loose collar looks relaxed and unrestrained.

3. Avoid too much waist decoration

Women with thick waist are not suitable for sexy underwear with large area belts or waist ornaments.Because this will increase the visual weight of the waist and become more bloated.

4. Treasure color matching

When wearing sexy underwear, color matching is a key issue.Women with thick waist should choose sexy underwear with similar upper colors. This can visually reduce the impact of suture lines and dividing lines, and create a smoother and natural effect.

5. Choose a light texture

Women with thick waist are wearing a lighter and soft sexy underwear, which will be more comfortable and natural.Avoid choosing those hard, linen or particularly glossy -decent materials.

6. Pay attention to the body curve

For women with thick waist, it is important to attach importance to body curve, because curves can play a role in modifying the figure.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should choose a more close -fitting material to emphasize the curve and highlight the beauty of youth.

7. More "less"

In the matching of sexy underwear, the number of elements should be controlled, and the underwear and other clothing are well matched, instead of making the underwear either pleasing to the eye or seeing too exaggerated.

8. Pay attention to the choice of style

The choice of styles is also very important. The sexy underwear with decoration on the waist is not very suitable for women with thick waist.Because this will keep people’s eyes always staying on the waist.Therefore, suit, simple sexy underwear is the most suitable, so that it can better weaken the shortcomings of waist thickness.

The above is a few major precautions of women who wear sexy underwear, hoping to help you.Finally, I also want to remind everyone that we must wear confidence in sexy underwear, and do not lose a good mood because the waist line is not perfect.Believe in your charm, let the wonderful and sexy of the sexy underwear reflected, you will be surprised to find that you can be so beautiful!

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