What should I wear on the outside of the sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a collection of various elements designed to enhance sex and sexual life. It often has sexy and gorgeous design and decoration to increase intimate relationships and sensory experience.However, when going out, many people are confused about what kind of clothing is suitable for sexy underwear.

Selection suggestions for sex underwear outside

We can consider the following aspects to choose the right matching accessories.

Fashion trousers

For women, fashionable leggings or high -waisted straight pants are a good choice.Pants usually shape the figure and curve, and give people a sense of confidence and independence.


Proper choosing a suitable coat can increase the layering of the overall shape.You can choose a short leather jacket or long trench coat. The specific choice should be determined according to personal style and the purpose.

Long skirt

For some women who are unwilling to wear pants, you can choose a long dress, unified and beautiful.This dress is not only suitable for banquets or activities, but also for shopping and daily social activities.

Comfortable shoe

Comfortable shoes are an indispensable part when going out.You can choose a pair of comfortable flat shoes, sandals or sneakers as a match.However, remember that although high heels can provide better visual effects, you should pay attention not to be too fatigue when you wear, so as not to affect your health.

Handbag or small bag

Carrying a small bag in a manner is a very feminine habit.You can choose to use the form of a small handbag or cosmetic bag to highlight the theme of daily matching or banquet.


With sex underwear, jewelry is a very important part.You can choose jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings to supplement the entire shape.Do not use too exaggerated or too much dress, otherwise your entire match will appear too decorative and exaggerated.


Caring for hairstyles is an important part of a complete match.You can consider styling or dyeing to improve your self -confidence as a whole.Choosing a hairstyle that matches the style of sexy underwear will make your entire match inject more fashion elements.


Choosing lipsticks suitable for skin color is an indispensable part of sexy lingerie.Different lipsticks create different temperament.You can choose a noble red lipstick or fantasy pink lipstick to enrich your makeup.


In short, when we choose to match sexy underwear, we need to consider many factors, such as setting occasions, the color of clothing, styling and style, personal style characteristics, etc.These comprehensive factors will determine your matching effect and beauty presentation.I hope these suggestions can help you match the perfect sexy underwear and style.

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