What’s the best fabric of sexy underwear

What fabric is suitable for sexy underwear

The fabrics used in sex underwear are highly elastic and comfortable, and at the same time, it must have a sexy and tempting visual effect.When selecting fabrics, you must consider these factors.

Lace fabric

Lace fabrics have extremely high sexy and seductive power, often used in sexy underwear.Due to the thinness of lace, it can present a sexy texture, and it also takes into account the breathability and comfort.

Gauze fabric

The yarn ingredients are often used in sexy underwear for see -through effect.This fabric is usually translucent or colorless and transparent, which can show a sexy texture.In addition, the yarn fabric also has good breathability and comfort.


The linen fabric has a natural sense of luster and texture, which makes people imagine and reverie.The use of linen fabrics in erotic underwear will definitely increase the color elements of innocence and leisurely love, which is very tempting.

Silk fabric

The softness and luster of silk fabrics cannot be comparable to other fabrics, and they are very comfortable when sleeping.In sexy underwear, silk fabrics are easy to show sexy texture, and at the same time, it also emits noble and luxurious temperament.

Cotton fabrics

Cotton fabric is a natural fiber -based fabric. It has a good hygroscopic and breathability and comfortable to wear.In sexy underwear, although cotton fabric is not as sexy as other fabrics, it still has a refreshing and natural feeling, suitable for those who like simple style.

Stretch fabrics

Elastic fabrics can be stretched, contracted freely, and close to the skin.In sexy underwear, the effect of elastic fabrics is very good, and the sexy lines are more obvious.

PU leather fabric

PU leather fabric has good simulation performance and texture, so it is often used in sexy underwear to outline different sexy curves.However, it should be noted that because the PU leather fabric is not breathable, pay attention to the comfort when wearing.

Simulation silk fabric

The surface texture and gloss of the simulation fabric are very similar to the real silk, but it is more advantageous than the real silk in terms of breathability and comfort.The use of simulated silk fabrics in erotic underwear can show sexy and textured charm.

Metal fabric

Metal fabric is a relatively cold and avant -garde fabric, but its eye -catching luster and unique feel can add an alternative charm to sexy underwear.However, the breathability and comfort of metal fabrics are poor, and they need to be cautious when wearing.

Acrylic fiber fabric

Although acrylic fibrous fabrics are not as common as other fabrics, their texture and gloss are very good.The advantages of acrylic fiber fabrics are light, soft, highly transparent, and good elasticity. They can be used to create a variety of strange shapes and curves, which are very sexy visual effects.


Different fabrics have different personalities and attributes. When choosing sexy underwear fabrics, carefully consider the effects of wearing and texture.In short, making sexy underwear more sexy and attractive is the key. Choosing the right fabric can help achieve this goal.

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