When do you generally wear fun shown

When do you generally wear fun shown

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy, sexy is a sense of spiritual. Many women choose to wear sexy underwear in order to ignite themselves and men’s sexual desire.But when is the most appropriate to wear fun underwear?Next, we analyze from multiple perspectives to find the opportunity to wear the best sexy underwear.

1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a festival dedicated to lovers. At this time, it is not appropriate to choose a sexy underwear to date.Red color sex lingerie or black sex lingerie is a good choice, which not only conveys the enthusiasm of women, but also adds a romantic atmosphere.

2. Wedding night

The wedding night is crucial for newcomers who just entered the marriage hall.If women wear a sexy erotic underwear, it will be easier to arouse men’s desires and make couples more coordinated in bed.

3. Celebrate the days

Celebrating many kinds of days such as wedding anniversary and birthday.At this time, women can prepare a sexy sexy underwear to celebrate this special day.

4. Holiday trip

When traveling during holidays, most women prepare some light and comfortable clothes, but in bed, they can also enjoy some unusual experiences.Sex underwear can increase the taste and entertainment during travel.

5. Sexy gathering

When attending a sexy party, wearing sexy underwear is very necessary.It can show women’s unique charm and sexy charm, attracting men’s attention.

6. Impressing lovers

Women can wear fun underwear on some special occasions, which implies that their lovers love and sexy with him.At this time, the implication of sexy underwear is more important than the appearance of sexy underwear.

7. When confident

Confidence is a very important feeling for women.Self -confident women can always exude their own charm.When self -confidence, women wearing sexy underwear can add self -confidence and make themselves more charming and touching.

8. Increase sexual life interest

In addition to the above occasions, women are also feasible to wear sexy underwear in ordinary daily life.This will make sex more interesting and passionate, making each other more satisfied and happy.


There are many opportunities to wear sex underwear. Whether in special occasions or in daily life, there are suitable sexy underwear to wear the opportunity.Women should choose a sexy underwear that suits them, make them feel comfortable and sexy, and bring themselves and lovers more happiness and passion.

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