Where can I sell erotic underwear in Lizhou


As a symbol of sexual underwear, more and more women have begun to feel the fun she brings at a private moment.However, there are many types of underwear in the Lazhou market, and female consumers are often difficult to choose satisfactory products.So, where can I sell sexy underwear?Let’s find out.

1. Lazhou Commercial District

I believe this is no stranger to many consumers.The Dazhou Business District is the core of East Gate and Xinhua Road, including the "old town", the new district and the business districts in the high education park. Here are a large number of various types of clothing wholesale merchants and retail markets.

2. Online shopping platform

Today, more and more consumers choose to find fun on online shopping underwear.There are many brands of sexy underwear on online shopping platforms such as JD.com and Tmall. Not only are they rich in types, they also meet the privacy of buyers.

3. Business street market

The business street market is a comprehensive market that integrates wholesale and retail. It has convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It mainly operates products such as clothing, accessories, shoes and boots. Naturally, it also includes sexy underwear.Consumers may wish to go to find out.

4. Roadside shop

I believe everyone has seen small shops selling sexy underwear on the Internet or on the road.Because of its small and exquisite, this kind of store does not require large -scale management. It is only managed by several staff members. Therefore, there is no strict store address.But with its unique products, good customer reputation and price transparency, it has become a way to buy sexy underwear that cannot be ignored.

5. Store brand image

Choose the well -known channels of the store brand for purchases. Generally, you can get professional and thoughtful pre -sale after -sales service.For example, Maserati, a well -known sexy underwear brand, has a rich sexy underwear product and strong coverage.

6. Recommended friends

Friends around us often have high reference value.If a friend knows very well in sexy underwear and often tries various new products, you can seek suggestions from them.Although this method has certain risks, the trust and help between friends determine its importance.

7. Fochrier Mall

The sex products mall combines a variety of types of sex products, including sexy underwear.Compared to the various channels of the previous examples, more brands have gathered in the sex shopping mall and provided more diverse products and purchasing methods.The shopping experience is convenient and simple, transparent, and intimate.

8. Private formulation

There are many styles of sexy underwear, but there is no need to be limited to products that have been listed.If consumers have special needs, for example, if you want a more special design, you can consider submitting inquiries to a customized company that produces sexy underwear to make them make their own taste of sex underwear.


Judging from the above eight aspects, where is the problem of selling erotic underwear in Lizhou is no longer a problem.Consumers choose to buy channels that are suitable for themselves, and buy appropriate products to follow personal preferences, actual situations, and budgets.In addition to choosing, we must pay more attention to the performance, comfort and material quality of the product to ensure their own experience.

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