Where is Xuchang Yuzhou sexy underwear shop

Detailed address of Xuchang Yuzhou Fun Underwear Shop

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that makes women more confident and sexy. It is often more private and needs to be purchased at the designated store.If you look for a sexy underwear store in the Yuzhou area of Xuchang, this article will take you to understand the details.

Yuzhou Shopping Center

Xuchang Yuzhou Shopping Center has a sexy underwear store with moderate prices and various styles. It sells various types of sexy underwear in the store, including lace, satin, stockings, and role -playing.In addition, there are different sizes of sexy underwear for choice, and the staff will provide professional services.

time Square

Near Times Square, there is a very famous sexy underwear shop.The internal decoration of the store is high -end, and the price of the product is relatively high, but the quality and fabric of the product are very good, suitable for consumers with high requirements for quality.

Yuzhou Market No. 1

There is a very affordable and highly popular sexy underwear store in the area of Yuzhou Market. The product styles and quality in the store are very good.The service attitude of the store is also very good and very friendly.

New Century Department Store Shopping Center

On the second floor of the New Century Department Store Shopping Center, there is a fun underwear shop that is easy to find.There are many types of sexy underwear in the shop and very rich in style.But compared to other stores, the price is higher here.

Huaxia Shopping Plaza

In the Huaxia Shopping Plaza, known for its high -end temperament, there is also a sexy underwear store inside.Various high -quality sexy underwear is supplied in the store, which is proportional to the price.The in -store service is thoughtful and meticulous, which is in line with the taste of high -quality consumers.

Yuzhou Dachuan Fashion Plaza

There is a sexy underwear shop in Dachuan Fashion Plaza, Yuzhou City. It is located downstairs. The price is relatively average and the style is relatively new.The service attitude of the clerk is also very friendly and can meet the needs of some experienced consumers.

Yuzhou Youth Road Department Store

If you look for sexy underwear shops on Yuzhou Youth Road, you will not prevent it from looking for this department store.The types and styles of sexy underwear in the store are rich in style, suitable for children, and moderate prices and good quality.

Eslite Department Store

The sexy underwear store in Eslite Department Store is mainly engaged in European and American style of sexy underwear, and the price is relatively expensive.However, there are promotion in the store from time to time, and it is cost -effective if you encounter it.

March 8 Women’s Trading City

There is a sexy underwear shop in the Women’s Trading City of March 8. The price is very affordable and the style is also good.The choice of fabrics and handmade is more exquisite, but it may be because the cleanliness of the store is not as clean as other shops in the business city.


It is hoped that this article will be helpful to find a sexy underwear store in the Xuchang Yuzhou area.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your own shape and size, and the right underwear can make you more confident and beautiful.

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