Where to wear a sexy underwear in foreign countries

Where to wear a sexy underwear in foreign countries

Interesting underwear has become a hot topic in the modern fashion industry. Not only is it very popular in China, but it is also sought after by women in foreign countries.The interesting underwear culture of various countries is different, so this article will explore the sexy underwear culture and its special features of different countries.The following is the analysis of the sexy underwear culture of various countries.


In the United States, sexy underwear is regarded as a small icing decoration, and is often not worn underneath, but is used to match with sexy bun shirts or other jackets.In the United States’ sexy underwear is very diverse, including corset, underwear, sling, socks, and so on.In addition, the sexy underwear in the United States often consists of lace pattern and small metal buttons, giving people a sense of casualness.


Compared with the United States, British sexy underwear style is more traditional and conservative, but it is also very particular. British sexy underwear is often made of leather or silk. The texture is very good, giving a sense of high -end and maturity.In addition, British sexy underwear is often a more complicated design, including lace, loose folds, complex lining structures, and so on.


On the contrary, in France, sexy underwear emphasizes the softness and comfort close to the skin.Common styles are tulle or lace fabrics, and the shoulder straps and corners are small and exquisite.However, some of them deliberately abandon comfort in design, focusing on changing body lines and shaping body shape.


In Japan, sexy underwear is mainly used as a kind of inner horse. Many people choose to wear sexy underwear to increase the emotional and romantic atmosphere. For example, there will be a list of sexy underwear in the resort or tourist attraction hotel.In addition, Japanese sexy underwear is also very unique in design. Many times, small animals or small flowers are designed as design elements, attracting considerable consumers’ attention.


Brazil’s sexy underwear is very popular: colorful and novel design.Unexpectedly, Brazil’s sexy underwear is quite similar to the domestic market.Their sexy underwear is more sophisticated in tailoring, especially for the design of the butt. Brazil’s sexy underwear is generally tight, which can create a perfect body curve.


Spain’s sexy underwear is very college style in design, creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere.People can see a lot of lace, beads and embroidery on the fun underwear. These delicate details are intertwined, forming countless dazzling tricks.


Unlike the style of the previous countries, Hungary’s sexy underwear is particularly bright.Hungarian traditional ethnic embroidery and painting styles can be seen in the area of the region.Hungarian fun underwear has added a lot of small details, often using elements such as grassland, flowers, animals, etc., which is especially suitable for young and vibrant women.


The Dutch’s design of sexy underwear is biased towards natural style. The sexy underwear here is basically made of cotton fabrics. Although the materials are not so romantic, they are very comfortable and practical.The sexy underwear in the Netherlands is mainly the humorous shapes such as super toad rabbits or pumpkin fairy, giving bold surprises and fun. What is abandoned is the distance and alienation with themselves and others.


Italy’s sexy underwear style also pays great attention to nature and texture.After many years of development, Italy has now become a representative country of various sexy underwear.Italian sexy underwear is designed with luxurious features, and uses small crystal diamonds such as small crystal diamonds to make your skin sparkle.

in conclusion:

Therefore, the style of sexy underwear in each country is different.But in general, the sexy underwear of all countries aims to pursue personalization, and it also takes into account comfort and practicality during design.For everyone, wearing erotic underwear should be based on personal taste.Even if you don’t pay much attention, okay, just feel comfortable and practical.

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