Which store buys sexy underwear

Which store buys sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a more private shopping material. For many people, you may feel hesitant to choose to buy sexy underwear in which store.In this article, we will explore different places and their advantages and disadvantages to help you make better choices.

1. Specialty store

Specialty stores are usually the most professional sales venues, which can provide the most comprehensive sexy lingerie styles and detailed purchase guidance and suggestions.Compared with other stores, the price of specialty stores may be slightly higher, but they can provide better services and quality assurance.

2. Sexual products store

Sexual goods stores are another more professional shopping venue, usually selling various sexual products, including sexy underwear.These stores usually provide more choices, but they may be higher in terms of price than specialized stores.

3. Online shopping

If you want to buy sexy underwear more privacy or find a professional sales place in the local area, online shopping is a good choice.Online stores can usually provide cheaper prices, and you can easily buy the products you need without leaving home.

4. Large shopping malls

Some large shopping malls also sell sexy underwear and usually provide diverse choices.Compared with other stores, the price of large shopping malls may be cheaper, but because sex underwear is not its main business, there may be problems with insufficient service.

5. Supermarket

Some large supermarkets also sell sexy underwear, but usually they choose relatively small.If you have no particularly high requirements for styles and quality, or you want to save some budgets, you can choose to buy in the supermarket.

6. Small shop

Some small stores also sell sexy underwear. These stores usually choose less, but can provide a more private shopping environment.If you want to protect your privacy as much as possible, you can choose to buy in these stores.

7. Private formulation

If you have very high requirements for sexy underwear and cannot find the style you want on the market, you can choose to contact a private custom store.These stores will customize sexy underwear according to your requirements, but the price is usually very high.

8. Brand store

Some famous sexy underwear brands will open their own stores to provide more professional and quality assurance services.These stores usually choose more comprehensive, but the price is also high, which is not suitable for all consumers.

9. Wedding shop

Some wedding shops also sell sexy underwear, some of which may be more sexy.These stores usually do not provide their own sexy underwear series, but choose to sell them through cooperative brands.

10. Sexual Cultural Store

Some sexual stores will provide various sexual products, including sexy underwear.Because these stores usually gather many sexual cultural enthusiasts, the shopping experience may be relatively unique.


There are many types of sexy underwear, and each place has its unique advantages and disadvantages.During the shopping process, you should make the most suitable choice according to your needs and budget, and you should also pay attention to protecting your privacy.

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