Who is the courier guy who bought sex underwear

Introduction: Interesting underwear is popular, who is the courier guy?

Nowadays, sexy underwear, as a condiment in sex life, is more and more sought after by women.What follows is that the increase in delivery volume of the national express company has also made the delivery guys popular.So who is these courier guys?Is it young, middle -aged, or retired?What are the characteristics of their working hours, routes and professional quality?Let’s find out together.

Part 1: Professional Type

The career of the courier does not have a clear age limit, so in terms of age, they cover all ages from 20 to 60.Generally speaking, the conditions for recruiting courier companies in courier companies are relatively loose. They only need to have ID cards, no major criminal records, and good physical conditions.

Part 2: Working time

The working time of the courier is relatively flexible, and the number of receivers and receiving parts is generally calculated according to the company’s distribution route.Some large courier companies will have customized services. In the morning, delivery in the morning, in the evening, etc., the specific receipt time will be different.

Part 3: Occupational quality

Occupational quality is the key to measuring the quality of the work of express delivery.Under normal circumstances, the courier brother needs a strong sense of responsibility and service to solve the problem for customers in a timely manner.In daily work, being honest and trustworthy is the most basic professional quality of the courier brother.

Part 4: Delivery route

The courier brothers generally deliver the goods according to the route distributed by the company. Due to the wide range of express delivery, the delivery route of each express brother is different.In a perfect delivery, route planning and compression space are particularly important.

Part 5: Express Time Effect

The work quality of the courier is closely related to the timeliness of the courier company.It is generally believed that the fast, accurate, and smooth delivery of the courier brother is necessary in terms of delivery speed and efficiency. It is the improvement of these efficiency that can give consumers a better experience.

Part 6: Fun underwear sales volume

As a "trend" in recent years, sexy underwear has entered the daily life of women. Some buyers even chose online shopping for privacy.Therefore, the sales volume of sexy underwear is also very high, which greatly increases the business volume of the courier company.

Part 7: The safety of the courier brother

For the courier buddies, work is also a relatively dangerous job.However, in order to prevent unsafe factors in the work, express companies usually have a complete set of work guidance and carefully formulated safety risk control solutions to ensure the physical safety of the courier brother.

Part 8: Courier Brother’s suggestions for consumers

The courier brother is also serving customers at the same time. For some sexy underwear buyers, the suggestion of the courier brother is also very important.Courier brothers suggest: When choosing, look at the size and fabric of the underwear first to ensure that the quality of the wearing will not be too exposed.In addition, if you have any questions about the sexy underwear you buy or want to consult with other questions, you can consider consulting professional sexy underwear sales consultants.

Part 9: Conclusion

Although the courier brother is not an important person in our daily life, it is a very necessary person in our daily shopping life.Especially when buying private underwear such as sexy underwear, it is essential for customers to keep the confidentiality and quality guarantee.Therefore, it is recommended that you choose regular channels and brands when buying sexy underwear to improve the quality and confidentiality you wear.At the same time, it is necessary to give the courier buddies more understanding and support.

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