Why are sexy underwear wearing girls


In our reading and purchasing habits, sexy underwear is obviously the exclusive product of women.Curiosity drives us to think about why women occupy such a large proportion in this industry.Today, let’s take a look.

Women are the main consumers of sexy underwear

Women have always been the main consumers in the sex underwear industry.There are many reasons, some of which are because the industry is only interested in women, and some of the reasons are because men are not able to openly show interest in interest underwear.

Sexy underwear design is designed for women

Most of the sexy underwear designers are women. They know what women need, and they understand the balance between women need comfort and sexuality that women need on underwear.Designers can also understand women’s underwear preferences, so design for women is more suitable for their sexy underwear.

Interest underwear is used to serve women

Interesting underwear is created for women. From the perspective of use, some are to change women’s own feelings and make women feel their bodies more realistic, so as to improve women’s self -confidence and become sexy independent women.And some are to increase emotional intimacy, thereby further pulling the distance between husband and wife.

Interesting underwear is viewing to men

Although sexy underwear is designed for women, it is often within the scope of men’s ornamental.Especially in the lives of the two, men are more willing to appreciate the beauty and sexy of women against the lining of sexy underwear.This is why sexy underwear is considered one of the important part of emotional intimacy.

Social and cultural affects women’s willingness to consume consumption

In some social and culture, the male dominance system may make women lack the willingness to buy sexy underwear freely.However, in some modern and highly knowledgeable social and cultural, women are often regarded as people who understand the trend and fashion. On this cultural basis, interest underwear has a certain consumer group.

Women’s acceptance of sexy underwear is higher

Women’s acceptance is higher than that of men because men are susceptible to traditional thoughts and moral concepts, and women are low -affected.Therefore, women’s acceptance of sexy underwear is higher, which also means that women’s consumption of sexy underwear is greater.

The expansion of the women’s underwear market makes the expansion of the sex underwear market possible

The women’s underwear market has shifted from traditional functional underwear to more personalized, fashionable, and fashionable, which is also conducive to the development of the sexy underwear market.Women’s pursuit of beauty, personality, and fashion undoubtedly helps the expansion and development of the sex underwear market.

Conclusion: The reason why women are the main consumers of sexy underwear

Overall, sexy underwear is an important part of the women’s underwear market.Due to the less influence of women in society, culture and morality, and designers’ understanding and attention to women’s body, sexy underwear has eventually become a female exclusive product.This is very promoted to the development of the underwear market and the manufacturing of production materials.

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