Why can’t JD.com buy sexy underwear

Why can’t JD.com buy sexy underwear

With the continuous development of society, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic.Now more and more people are starting to accept sexy underwear and start buying.However, JD.com, as a well -known e -commerce platform in China, does not provide sexy underwear products. This makes people curious. Why can’t JD.com buy sexy underwear?Let’s find out.

Insufficient demand

First of all, the demand is relatively small compared to other daily underwear.Although more people are starting to accept sex underwear, there are still a certain gap compared to other daily underwear.Therefore, there are not many manufacturers selling sexy underwear on large e -commerce platforms like JD.com.

Platform rules limit

Secondly, on the e -commerce platform, each platform has its own rules and standards.If merchants want to sell goods on the platform, they must abide by the rules of the platform.JD.com is an e -commerce platform with home appliances and daily necessities as its main sales object. It has strict regulations for some uncommon products, including sexy underwear.Therefore, products such as sex underwear cannot be sold on JD.

Moral concept restriction

Finally, the concept of morality is also an influencing factor.Although many people no longer regard sexual underwear as a taboo topic, there are generally such concepts.Therefore, it is difficult for companies like JD.com to break the restrictions of this concept and can only abide by some conventions and laws and regulations of society.

Other e -commerce platforms

Although you can’t buy sexy underwear on JD, you can still buy it on some other e -commerce platforms.For example, Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo and so on.This also proves that sexy underwear is not the reason for the ban on the sale, but the reason for restrictions.


Coincidentally, it is precisely because JD.com did not get involved in the sexy underwear industry, which led to the vacancy in this market.Therefore, in the case of vacancy in this market, other e -commerce platforms can successfully enter this market and seize market share. This is why the sales of sexy underwear on other e -commerce platforms have maintained a steady growth.

Not suitable for one -stop shopping

In terms of sexy underwear, adequate comparison, consideration and purchasing often need to be made.JD.com is an e -commerce platform that mainly sells home appliances and daily use. It is difficult to achieve one -stop shopping for sexy underwear, such as sexual and personalized items that involve professional and personalized items.One of the reasons for sex underwear.

Business strategy

In addition, there may be some business strategies in JD.com.In fact, it does not affect Jingdong’s total income without selling sexy underwear.If JD.com is involved in this field, it not only involves imported goods, but also needs to pay attention to pre -sale and after -sales service. In this way, JD.com’s resources and operations are endless.Considering that the impact is not as direct as income, JD.com chose a market that is not involved in sexy underwear.

You can buy it on Taobao

Although JD.com cannot buy sexy underwear, Taobao and other platforms can still be purchased.Therefore, for friends who need to buy sexy underwear, don’t worry too much, you can buy smoothly on other legal channels.


In summary, JD.com does not sell sexy underwear is not the reason why it cannot be sold, but the restrictions caused by various reasons and the commercial strategy of JD.com.For consumers, you can buy sexy underwear on other e -commerce platforms. The vacancy of this market also gives other e -commerce platforms opportunities to enter this market.

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