Why can’t Taobao’s erotic underwear be on

Background introduction

On Taobao, sexy underwear is a demand market and a product that is not easy to list.The common situation is that when the sellers uploaded, the sexy underwear products uploaded by the seller will be considered a product that is illegal and cannot be put on the shelves.

Cause Analysis

The reason why sexy underwear is difficult to put on the shelves is because it is considered a sexual product.In order to maintain a good market order and social morality, the Taobao platform attributed some sensitive products to risk commodities, and sexy underwear became one of them.Taobao hopes to avoid adverse effects on consumers through this measure.


There are two main cases of illegal performance on the Taobao platform: one is that the picture contains too exposed or yellow -related content; the other is to describe the words that are not in line with the real object or the vocabulary involved in yellow.

Review standard:

The Taobao platform’s review standards for sexy underwear are very strict. The seller must upload the product information of sexy underwear in strict accordance with the rules of the Taobao platform, including pictures, descriptions, keywords, and so on.

Recommendations for improvement:

If you want to successfully sell sexy underwear on Taobao, the seller needs to pay attention to the following points: First, the uploaded pictures need to be taken to avoid excessive exposure or yellowing content;Keep the keywords to fill in the appropriate vocabulary and do not excessively pursue the click -through rate.

Compliance selection:

In order to ensure that sexy underwear can be on the Taobao platform, sellers can choose some more conservative styles.These styles are simple, not too exposed and teasing. It is more in line with Taobao’s audit standards and can reduce the probability of failure to go on the shelves.

Find a professional institution:

If the seller still has questions about how to upload interesting underwear products, he can seek some professional help.For example, some sexual service professional service agencies can provide help. They understand the audit standards of Taobao platforms and seller needs, which can give reasonable suggestions.

Study operation:

The most important point is that sellers must have patience and confidence and operate them down.Although it may take some time to successfully put on the sexy underwear, the fun underwear products on the shelves still have a lot of market demand. As long as the relevant preparations are made, the possibility of success is very high.

Implement results:

As long as the seller operates in accordance with the rules of the Taobao platform, selects more conservative styles, and sets keywords reasonably to avoid excessive exposure and yellowing content. After waiting for the review, you can successfully put on sexy underwear products.

Effective analysis:

Although it is difficult to put on a fun underwear on the Taobao platform, through some effective methods and techniques, sellers can minimize the probability of launching failure, increasing the exposure of goods, and bringing more profits to themselves.

in conclusion:

Although there is a certain threshold and difficulty in doing sex underwear business, as long as it can be operated in strict accordance with the rules of the Taobao platform, and actively promotes product propaganda while implementing the suggestions, it is entirely possible to successfully put on fun underwear products and successfully operate.

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