Why do men like sexy underwear

Why do men like sexy underwear

With the advancement of modern society, sexy underwear is not just a woman’s exclusive product, and more and more men have a strong interest in sexy underwear.So why do men like sexy underwear?This article will explore this issue from the perspective of men.


Interest underwear is not just a fabric and a style, but also a manifestation of a lifestyle.The definition of men in gender characters needs to have stronger and firm sexual desire, so sexy underwear becomes a man’s emotional release, fighting, and fanatical carriers.

Part 1: Increase the first choice for emotional investment

Men’s investment in emotion is sometimes more weak and even numb than women. At this time, sexy underwear has become a psychological "mentor". It increases the emotional investment of men through color, material, style, etc.Enter the state of sex.

Part 2: Interest underwear meets the visual needs of men

Men’s demand for vision is far beyond women, and sexy underwear just meets this demand.The colorful color, wonderful lines, and fascinating details make men’s visual senses satisfy, and higher pleasure and excitement naturally occur.

The third part: the weapon of warming sexual desire

Sex underwear is a pornographic display. It allows men to have a more warming sexual revelation, thereby making men’s sexual desire more vigorous.Combined with the sensitive parts of women’s bodies, bare and irritating sexy underwear can play a role in soothe the sexual desire and increase sexual interest.

The fourth part: a sharp weapon to enhance self -confidence

Although sexy underwear is a body decoration, it is also a spiritual decoration.For men, wearing different styles and material sexy underwear can enhance their self -confidence, show their bodies more smoothly and elegantly, and feel the power and advantages of men’s self -confidence.

Part 5: The effect of sexy underwear on inspiring male sexual functions

The relationship between sexy underwear and male sexual functions is closely related.This underwear can make men feel more swollen and hard -erected, which will make their reproductive organs more sensitive, thereby accelerating the flow of blood, thereby stimulating the performance of male sexual functions.

Part 6: The dual role of comfort and health effect

Although sexy underwear is a product of temperament, it also has a good comfort and health effect.Different styles and material sexy underwear can make men’s bodies better protect, fresh and healthy breathing, and allow them to be invincible in sex.

Part 7: Interesting underwear is a carrier of erotic release

Interest underwear is not only a appearance, but also a subconscious hint.The emotional input and sexual behavior brought by men’s sexy underwear can release and vent their lust.In the process, sexy underwear has become an important carrier for male lust.

Part 8: The matching role of appearance and preference

There is an inseparable connection between men’s preferences and appearance.As a body decoration and beautification, sexy underwear should naturally match the appearance and preferences of men.This is also very useful for the improvement of their own beauty.

in conclusion

Men’s love for sexy underwear is influenced by many factors. These factors include the rapid expansion of blood vessels on the body, stimulating visual stimuli, emotional input and enthusiasm, and the pursuit of comfort and health effects.aspect.In short, sexy underwear is a new experience of lust, body, mind, and thinking for men and women, and it is worthy of our cherishment and exploration.

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