Why is it embarrassed to wear sexy underwear


It is no longer a rare phenomenon in modern society in modern society. Many women choose to wear sexy underwear in special scenes to increase interest and sexy.However, there are still many women who feel embarrassed to wear sexy underwear for some reasons. Why is this so?Let’s explore it.

Affected by traditional culture

From the perspective of traditional culture, wearing erotic underwear is still regarded as a dare not face.In ancient times, under the suppression of the feudal society, women’s bodies have always been strictly constrained, and they cannot be exposed at all. French patterns are unacceptable. Therefore, under this influenceIt has always been regarded as a manifestation of self -respect and lightness.

New and old trouble

In fact, even in modern society, this view has not completely disappeared.Especially in the family concept of more traditional families, sexy underwear is often classified as a tool and is regarded as "unscayed" stuff. Although this concept is gradually changing, it does not affect people’s wearing it.There is a lot of trouble in the concept.

Social pressure is large

In addition, social pressure is also one of the reasons why many women dare not wear sexy underwear.As a part of society, everyone has the behavioral specifications they should follow, and in such specifications, there are some potential and intangible behavioral rules of behavior accepted, and wearing erotic underwear is considered not to meet such specifications.One thing, therefore, when facing the pressure of public opinion, many women do not dare to adventure to choose to wear sexy underwear.

Strong self -awareness

In addition, although some women do not mind wearing sexy underwear, they will not choose to wear sexy underwear because of strong self -awareness.In their opinion, although wearing sexy underwear may bring more sexy and interesting, but this behavior will also attract the attention of others and make people feel different and uneasy. Therefore, they are more willing to choose normal and serious.How to wear.

Money issues

It is not cheap to wear a beautifully designed sexy underwear, so some women also need to consider whether the actual burden can bear while choosing how to wear.After all, even a popular sexy lingerie, the price is also not cheap. For some people with poor economic conditions, buying sexy underwear has become a more luxurious thing.

Self -confidence

In addition, many women choose not to wear erotic underwear because of their unconfidence.After all, wearing erotic underwear requires a slim and sexy figure, and in real life, many women often have various reasons, such as fertility, which leads to bad changes in the figure. ThereforeDare not dare to wear.

Lack of conceptual guidelines

In addition, the problem of wearing sexy underwear is also accompanied by many concepts, because there is lack of experience in such behavior and blurred concepts, so there are many people who choose to be cautious and even avoid such behaviors.Of course, these people will not be explained correctly in wearing erotic underwear, so they dare not try or wear.


In addition, some women are difficult to figure out how to match erotic underwear and when to wear more appropriate problems when choosing to wear sexy underwear. Therefore, these problems have become one of their choices of sexy underwear.

Consideration of social occasions

And when some women wear sexy underwear, they will also be embarrassed because they are seen by people, so they will only wear sexy underwear in private occasions to increase interest and sexy, and in social occasions, they will choose to be more formal and serious.The way to wear, maybe this is why some people do not like to wear sexy underwear.

Suggestions combined with personal experience

If you also hold the idea of similar to daring to wear fun underwear, then we think you can try to solve these problems.For example, you can try to understand some knowledge about sexy underwear, so that you can understand its way of dressing and matching methods more clearly, and there will be more choices to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

In addition, you can relax yourself when wearing sexy underwear. Don’t pay too much attention to other people’s eyes or the problem of paying for sexy underwear in private. It is relaxed in mentality. Wearing erotic underwear is no longer a thing that makes you uneasy.If you really feel that your figure is not good, you can find suggestions on your personal experience, such as adjusting diet, sufficient exercise, and so on.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear is not a complicated thing. Although there are more problems that need to be thought in front of sexy underwear, after you fully understand its way of dressing and precautions, your problem will be solved.After all, everyone has their own options, and the same is true of sexy underwear.

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