Why is the sexy underwear always rejected


Interest underwear is one of the more popular clothing categories.Not only can it bring you sexy beauty, but also enrich your life and add mood.However, as a relatively novel costume, sexy underwear has encountered many difficulties in many aspects such as selling and advertising, especially in sales and exhibition reviews on some platforms. This has always been "rejected".The person is puzzled and disappointed.This article will explore the reasons and possible solutions of the rejection and possible solutions in the review.

The lack of review standards

Although many e -commerce platforms have stipulated product review, they lack clear and accurate standards, resulting in different auditors to determine according to their subjective ideas.For sexy underwear, this is particularly prominent, because everyone understands and accepts it.Therefore, even if it runs a reliable and reliable sexy underwear shop, it may encounter the embarrassment of being rejected.

Interference of moral concepts

For some examiners, they are concerned about prejudice or moral concepts of sexy underwear.They believe that sexy underwear is a vulgar and indecent product that reviews according to their subjective consciousness.In this case, the store can give feedback on the management of the platform according to the statement of the product review standards and the statements of laws and regulations.

The picture is too exposed

As a focus on the design focus of sexy underwear, it is often different from ordinary clothing. It pays more attention to reflecting the proportional relationship between skin curves and underwear.Therefore, in the design of sexy underwear, more chests and hips will be revealed, which will have a certain impact on the review.If your product is passed on various platforms, you can adjust it slightly during design, or cover up by the model of the model, and minimize the exposure area as much as possible without affecting the product presentation.

Product theme does not match the platform

The atmosphere of some platforms is to prohibit the sale of some unconventional -related products, and sexy underwear is often classified as this category.When it comes to the trust of online buyers and the commercial image of the platform, the platform does not want to establish related comments with sexy underwear.Therefore, if your product is approved on a certain platform, please pay attention to the theme of the platform to ensure that the product’s categoria on themes and compliance with specific regulations.

The difference between offline operation and online censorship content

Some sexy underwear shops have a certain reputation and popularity in the market, but when they appear on e -commerce platforms, they may encounter too harsh review standards.At the same time, when operating offline, shop operators may ignore some audit requirements related to online operations, resulting in inappropriate product design or page production.If you want to pass the audit of the platform perfectly, it is recommended to thoroughly understand the review requirements and actively study and adjust.

Improper handling of title and description

If the title and description of the sexy underwear are not handled properly, the product page may be rejected.When selling sexy underwear, you can use a straightforward and clear description, but at the same time, you must minimize the vocabulary that may attract the attention of the examiner.At the same time, in the content of the description of erotic underwear, it is essential to be careful. You should learn to express the content you want to express with short and powerful language.

Responsibility to escape

Sometimes the platform’s rejection opinions on sexy underwear will not be clear and precise. EG: Only "unqualified".Therefore, as a seller and a store, we may be in a lingering responsibility, and in the middle of the night, we are still thinking about deleting or changing a certain content.At this time, the best way is to contact the customer service staff of the platform in time and consult them with relevant, specific, and detailed review standards.

Unprofessional picture processing

Recently, many platforms have strengthened the judgment of pictures of guidance and easy to cause customers to misunderstand.When the pictures of erotic underwear are processed, the photos used need to be formal, standard and legal.For example, ordinary shooting methods need to be used during shooting. Do not exaggerate and expose the shooting angle. At the same time, professional photography tools need to be used for beautification. During the processing process, be careful not to destroy the authenticity of the photo, and do not violate the platform regulations.

Forcibly marketing error handling method

Some operators also have wrong ideas, thinking that when product details allow buyers to join QQ group or add WeChat friends to get discounts; when sending messages to users, forcibly sell them. These methods have many compliance issues.It is also easy to be pointed out in improper way.If you have such transaction habits, you should adjust it as soon as possible to try to establish a more trustworthy relationship with buyers and improve customer satisfaction.


In short, the reason why sexy underwear has been rejected during review is a variety of.If you want to successfully connect the sexy underwear project with major online platforms, then you need to be cautious, professional, adaptable and communication ability during the operation.The review standards for each platform are different, so it is impossible to formulate a set of daily use of sales cases.However, if the platform policy can be considered at an appropriate time, and understanding the professional review requirements of the platform customer service, the chance of success will increase significantly.

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