Wife is angry when buying a sexy underwear

Wife is angry when buying a sexy underwear

With the progress of the times, sexy underwear has gradually become a must -have in modern couple’s life.Interest underwear can not only increase the fun of husband and wife life, but also enhance the charm of women’s self -confidence and women’s beauty.However, when buying sexy underwear, many men will encounter their wife’s dissatisfaction. Next, I will introduce the problem of buying and dressing of sexy underwear from several aspects.

1. Brand selection

When buying sexy underwear, brand choices are very important.Large brands of sexy underwear, generally pay attention to the quality of fabrics, tailoring, breathability, etc., more importantly, the design of some brand’s sexy lingerie is very creative and aesthetic, more in line with different women’s needs for beauty and sexy.Moreover, it is easier to reassure your wife in terms of brand choices.

2. Model selection

In terms of the selection of sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the body and preference of my wife.In terms of body, different figures are suitable for different models.Generally speaking, a slim woman is suitable for choosing tight or slimming styles.For women with plump figures, they can choose some sexy lingerie with sexy suspenders or stockings.In terms of choosing sexy underwear, it should be in line with the preferences of her wife and more in line with her temperament and personality.

3. Color selection

Selection of sexy underwear is also important.Sexy underwear of different colors will bring different feelings to vision.For example, black sexy underwear is sexy and mysterious, while red sexy underwear will give people a more lively and enthusiastic feeling.When choosing, choose according to the wife’s skin color and personal temperament. Do not blindly pursue the stimulation of color and ignore the overall effect.

4. Fabric selection

The fabric of sexy underwear is a very critical factor, because it not only affects the sexy appearance, but also directly contacts the skin.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, you should choose a comfortable and breathable fabric to prevent his wife from being uncomfortable.For example, lace, silk, or cotton fabrics are a better choice.

5. Size selection

When choosing the size of the sexy underwear, you should know the data of his wife.If the size is large, it will not achieve the effect of self -cultivation; if the size is small, it will affect the comfort of wearing, and more importantly, it will make my wife feel difficult to accept.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should consciously abide by the size of your wife.

6. Selection of the purchase location

When buying sexy underwear, location selection is also very important.When purchasing, you should touch the fabric, understand the size, and ask some questions about fabrics, styles, colors, etc., which helps to better understand the situation of love underwear, and finally choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.The shops that buy sexy underwear should choose a more formal store, so as not to cause trouble to themselves, and will not make their wives feel dissatisfied.

7. How to wear

The way of dressing is also an important factor in buying sexy underwear.Different styles need different ways to wear.Under normal circumstances, you need to understand the wearing process before wearing, which also needs to ask some professional people or know some wearing skills.The sexy effects worn by the way of wear will be better, making my wife feel more comfortable and confident.

8. Pay attention to

When buying sexy underwear, there are a lot of problems.For example, if you want to surprise your wife, you can first discover your wife’s preference, carefully observe her usual situation, and choose the most suitable sexy underwear for her.If your wife does not know about the sexy underwear, you can buy it with your wife, and pay attention to the shop and purchase method you buy, so that you can choose the sexy underwear that meets the most in line with her wife.

in conclusion

All in all, when buying sexy underwear, the brand, model, color, fabric, size, purchase location and dressing method, attention points, etc. are very important.If you have the above techniques, you can buy a sexy underwear that meets both personal taste and can get the support of his wife, which is more rich in the life of husband and wife.At the same time, don’t forget to pay attention to the respect and understanding of his wife in the life of husband and wife, and make life more happy.

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