Wife wears a sexy underwear for colleagues


In modern times, sex underwear has become one of the representatives of sex, sentimental and stylish.Its appearance makes the sex life between husband and wife richer and more interesting.But sometimes, women use sexy underwear as a "showing off tool". At this time, sexy underwear plays the opposite.


Not long ago, in the inside of Company A, the wife of a listed affairs department was beautiful and sexy. When she participated in the company’s dinner, she pulled her husband to show off her new sexy underwear to her colleagues.Other colleagues present did not know what to do. This playful behavior made the image of the supervisor’s wife falling thousands of images in everyone’s minds.

The type and role of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is divided into multiple types according to different styles and characteristics.Among them are teasing underwear, toy underwear, comfort underwear, and so on.Mading sex underwear is the most popular. It can stimulate sexual desire and romantic atmosphere between lover. With it, the relationship between husband and wife will be more harmonious.

Unsuitable occasions and crowd

Fun underwear is suitable for the tacit understanding and enhancement of feelings between couples, instead of showing off to others.If you wear on inappropriate occasions, it will bring a lot of adverse effects.For example, in work, participating in the company’s dinner, wearing face -to -face with strangers, wearing in front of children, etc. It is inappropriate.In addition, people who are too young or too large, and the protection of physical privacy are confused and confusing.

The correct sexy lingerie method

Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for you must be the key. Too tight or loose, and the sexy underwear of non -ergonomic design will affect experience and effect.With the perfect makeup and hairstyle, beautiful lace edges and clothing, such sexy underwear will make men more exciting and more feminine.

Precautions for using sex underwear

Use and wear sexy underwear, avoid excessive sexual performance.We must grasp the location, timing, and atmosphere of the time, appropriate display and showing off. You must not over the fire. You must leave a sexy and mysterious feeling for the other party, not a ridiculous image.

The correct sexy underwear maintenance method

Interesting underwear generally requires hand washing. It cannot be scrubbed with a washing machine and rough technique, otherwise it will easily damage the fabric and cause the clothing to lose its beauty.During the washing, a special cleaning agent suitable for fine items, oxidants such as soap and dishwasure, will fade the color of the sexy underwear.

Value of sex underwear

Sex underwear is one of the elements of sex and romance. It can not only improve the sexual relationship between husband and wife, but also inject fresh vitality and passion into sex.Therefore, for the sex life of couples, sexy underwear is of great value.


The correct use of erotic underwear can not only make the relationship between husband and wife more beautiful, but also make women more confident and more beautiful. However, they must do not excessively perform and show off, so as to maximize the value of sexy underwearEssence

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