Woman wears the stall sex underwear pictures

What is the opening of the gear and sexy sheet

Open -gear sex underwear is a sexy underwear. It usually drives a crotch in private parts or hips, which is convenient for couples to play love games.It may be made of lace, mesh or other sexy materials, usually more transparent and sexy than ordinary underwear.

Types of opening sexy underwear

There are different types of sexy underwear, such as Chengjin, three -point sexy underwear, sailor sex underwear, etc.Interesting underwear is a underwear composed of two complementary parts, usually a set of tops and underwear.The three -point erotic underwear includes only bras, G string and a belt.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

Open sexy underwear is usually used for private moments between husband and wife, but it can also be used as a sexy underwear and wear in a party or special event.Some women feel more confident and sexy after putting on the sexy underwear.

Choose the main point of opening the sexy underwear

When choosing to open a sexy underwear, consider comfort and your body shape.It is very important to choose underwear that is suitable for your body to ensure that it can look more sexy.At the same time, we must also consider the need to wear the comfort. After all, if the underwear is too tight or non -compatible, it will have unnecessary negative effects on your interest.

How to maintain the opening and sexy underwear

In order to maintain the beautiful and sexy and conditions, special care should be carried out in order to maintain its beautiful and sexy and conditions.Hand -to -hand washing, avoiding the use of washing machines and dryers, using alkaline -free detergents, trimming lace lace, etc. are useful maintenance skills.

Suitable for different body types of sexy underwear

For different body types, you should choose the suitable underwear style.For example, for large breasts, V -shaped bra and low -waist G string; for small breasts, you can choose a bra with cushion and G strings with ultra -thin materials.When choosing to open the sexy underwear, it is very important to understand your body type, the parts you want to emphasize, and the requirements for wearing.

Why does the sexy underwear make women more sexy?

The sexy charm of the sexy underwear is its unique design.The open and perspective lace material of the crotch can fully show the sexy of women, and also gives male visual stimuli.This dressed and strong visual stimulus can greatly improve women’s confidence and sexy temperament.

Open file sex underwear matching

In order to give full play to the sexy charm of the sexy underwear, women can choose sexy clothes and shoes.For example, with high heels and lace tube top skirts, it will be more sexy. This combination can be suitable for at nightclubs or gatherings.At the same time, the matching of such arrival can also allow women to enjoy their own private moments at home.

The material of the sexy underwear

The materials commonly used in sexy underwear include lace, silk, mesh, cotton, polyester, elastic fiber, etc.For women, the choice of materials is very important.Women may be allergic to certain materials, or they only like specific materials, and it is important to understand their choices.

Size of sexy underwear in sexy underwear

The size of the sexy underwear is usually selected according to the height of women and hips, but because the size of different brands may be different, it is recommended to confirm the brand’s size table before purchasing.At the same time, when women buy sexy underwear, it is best to place an order after trying it on.

in conclusion

Open sexy underwear is a sexy, transparent and unique underwear, which is suitable for the private moment or specific occasion of the husband and wife.Choosing the right size, material and style is very important for women.It is necessary to routinely check its maintenance and pruning needs.Overall, the sexy underwear is a proper sexy underwear.

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