Women take the initiative to wear sexy underwear

Women take the initiative to wear sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and unique underwear category. It is usually made of transparent, lace, mesh and other materials.For women, wearing a sexy underwear can change their temperament and mood, and can also add more interest to sexual life.However, for many women, there are still some difficulties and challenges to wear sexy underwear, especially to actively put on sexy lingerie.Below, I will introduce the methods and skills of women to actively wear sexy underwear from different perspectives.

1. Enhance self -confidence: find your own sexy place

The most important point for women to take the initiative to wear fun underwear is to enhance self -confidence.Many women do not try to take the initiative to wear sexy underwear because they are not confident enough and do not know if they will really become sexy after wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider your body and temperament and find your sexuality.Don’t blindly pursue the appearance of others who think it is sexy, but discover your own uniqueness.

2. Selection of sexy underwear style: suitable for you is the best

When choosing a sexy underwear, be sure to choose the style and color that suits you.If women do not have much confidence in their bodies, they can choose some styles that can modify their figures, such as waist and thickened shoulder.In terms of color, you must also consider your skin color and preferences, and choose some colors that look more beautiful in your skin.

3. The matching of sexy small objects: presents your sexy

Interest underwear not only refers to bra and underwear, but also includes the combination of many small sexy objects, such as stockings, high heels, gloves, eye masks, etc.These small objects can not only set off women’s figures, but also create a mysterious and unique temperament.

4. Create a romantic atmosphere: Try a new way of sex

When women actively put on sexy underwear, they also need to try some new ways in sex.You can create a romantic and unique atmosphere on the bed with some scenic scenic items such as candles, red wine, balloon.You can also try some new sexual ways, such as role -playing, sexy toys, etc., making sexual life more interesting.

5. Correct cleaning of sexy underwear: maintenance of sexy underwear

If women actively wear sexy underwear, they must have a certain understanding of the cleaning of sexy underwear.Generally, sexy underwear is made of transparent, lace, mesh and other materials, which is more delicate than ordinary underwear.Therefore, when cleaning the sexy underwear, it is necessary to wash it by hand, and use the laundry liquid that uses neutral or specially clean the underwear, and cannot use a detergent containing bleach and corrosive.In addition, after cleaning, you need to dry it in a cool place, and you cannot directly expose it.

6. Maintenance and storage of sexy underwear: extend the service life of underwear

In order to extend the service life of sexy underwear, women need to take appropriate maintenance and storage of sexy underwear after wearing fun underwear.You can put underwear in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight. You can use underwear boxes to be classified and managed with underwear to prevent underwear from pressing each other for a long time, causing deformation and damage.

7. Gradually establish self -confidence: try slowly

Women’s active putting on sexy underwear should be a process of gradually establishing self -confidence.You can try and try slowly, start with some simple and relaxed sexy underwear from some styles, and gradually become more confident.At the same time, we must also remember that women’s sexy, charm and temperament are not only because of sexy underwear, but also need to be continuously cultivated and discovered.

8. Don’t force yourself too much: face yourself and your partner calmly

Finally, in the process of women’s initiative to wear sexy underwear, do not force themselves too much.Whether in terms of choosing styles, matching small objects, or sexual ways, you need to face yourself and your partner frankly.Interest underwear is just a small tool for adding sexual fun. Do not bring too much pressure and restrictions to yourself because of it.

Viewpoint: Women’s active wearing sexy underwear is a embodiment of trying new things and exploring emotional love.Whether in the outside world or on the bed, women have the right to determine their own wear and behavior.Therefore, women’s initiative to wear sexy underwear is an interesting, creative and confident choice.

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