Women wearing fun underwear men are not hard


Sex underwear is not the same as daily underwear. It pays more attention to visual stimulation and sexy effects, but sometimes we wear sexy underwear and men still have no response. What is the reason?Below I will explain this problem from multiple aspects.

Interest underwear is not suitable for your body

Each woman’s body is different. When wearing a sexy underwear, if you choose a style that is not suitable for your figure, it will cause the whole effect to be poor.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, women must choose the right style and size according to their actual situation.

Interest underwear style is not sexy enough

Sometimes women’s choice of sexy lingerie styles is not sexy or too strong, and even some sexy lingerie styles are too gorgeous, giving men lack a sense of thirst.And this is what women themselves have to choose, try to choose sexy styles, such as sequins, hollow lace, perspective cups, etc. These styles can also inspire men’s visual senses.

Putting properly

Pay attention to methods and skills in sexy underwear, because you do n’t wear well, you may make it clumsy, and even make the male popular.Therefore, wearing a sexy underwear is a kind of skill. Women can add more in front of the mirror or ask their husbands or friends.

Cannot inspire men’s sexual desire

When some women wear sexy underwear, they do not stir up men’s sexual desire. This may be because women still do not feel confident enough after wearing sexy underwear, or women do not have appropriate enthusiasm and intimacy after wearing sexy underwear.Personally wear it as an ordinary clothing.

I feel uncomfortable

If the erotic underwear is uncomfortable, men can simply experience the visual stimulus and sexy charm brought by it.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear should be a balanced point in comfort and sex.

Psychological burden

For decades, people have been emphasizing that sex has occupied an important position in love. Therefore, some women will be psychologically burdening when wearing sexy underwear, fearing that they are considered too sloppy or exposed to physical defects.In this case, it may affect sexy and visual effects. In fact, psychological state is also a vital link for women when wearing sexy underwear.

Lack of stimuli and surprise

Sometimes women lack some stimuli and surprises when wearing fun underwear.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, women may wish to give men a visual and sexy surprise at unexpected places, or special occasions.


Sexy sexy underwear plays a vital role in sexual life, and women wearing sexy underwear should pay attention to factors such as timing, place and method.To let men fall in love with their bodies, women need to give full play to their advantages when wearing sexy underwear, improve their confidence, increase their charm, and get unexpected sexual interest.[An easy -to -understand conclusion is attached at the end of the text?.

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