Women’s sexy underwear allergy

Women’s sexy underwear allergy

Interest underwear is an important part of modern sex culture. Among them, the charm of sexy friction. Women wearing new sexy underwear can not only highlight their sexy characteristics, but also enhance the attractiveness of the partner and make the couple feel more happy.However, some women will have skin allergies when wearing sexy underwear.This article will explore the causes of women’s sexy underwear allergy and how to prevent and solve this problem.

The effect of material selection on allergies

Interest underwear has various materials, such as cotton, silk, polyester, lace, etc.The impact on allergies is different.Cotton material is the safest choice, and lace and other synthetic materials may cause skin allergies.Therefore, when choosing underwear, pay special attention to the selection of materials.It is best to choose good quality brands to avoid choosing poor quality and sexy underwear for prices.

Impact of size and style selection

In addition to materials, sizes and styles are also important to prevent allergies.If the sexual underwear size is too small or too tight, the skin may be allergic; if the bra is too tight, it will affect the blood circulation of the chest, which will cause skin allergies.Too complex styles, such as many buttons and accessories, may also cause skin allergies, because these accessories may rub the skin.Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate size and comfortable style.

The importance of maintaining hygiene

Poor hygiene conditions may promote the growth of bacteria and fungi and make the skin easily allergic.Therefore, keep hygiene before and after wearing sex underwear.Underwear needs to be cleaned regularly. Use professional underwear cleaner to avoid excessive flavors and prevent stimulating effects on the skin.It is not recommended to use soft agents and bleach.At the same time, we must also avoid wearing the same sexy underwear for a long time.

The existence of fiber bacteria

Interest underwear may have some fiber bacteria.Fiber bacteria are attached to the underwear and generate a irritating effect through contact with the skin.Especially in people with sensitive skin, it is more likely to cause allergic reactions.Therefore, when buying underwear, you must choose a brand with a good reputation and maintain hygiene.

Keep the skin moist and moisturize

Too dry skin is also a factor that causes allergies.Before wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to apply moisturizing cream or olive oil to keep the skin moist and healthy.During the appropriate interval between underwear, the moisturizing cream can be applied to the skin to keep the skin moisturizing.

The possibility of taking anti -allergic drugs

When an allergic reaction occurs, you can consider taking some anti -allergic drugs to reduce discomfort.However, if the allergic response caused by sexy underwear is serious, you can consider stopping the use of underwear and seeing the doctor to ask about affinity that those drugs are suitable for you.

Choose a light underwear

Some sexy underwear will have a strong smell, which may have a bad effect on sensitive skin and nose.Therefore, when buying underwear, it is best to choose a light smell to reduce the stimulation of the skin.

Avoid wearing underwear with too tight or synthetic materials

Especially in summer, excessive underwear and synthetic lingerie can make the skin too sultry, which is one of the reasons for the increase in risk of allergies.Therefore, it is best to choose porous and breathable materials to circulate air and reduce the possibility of skin allergies.

in conclusion

For women who are allergic to sexy underwear, pay attention to the above points to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.These methods can alleviate the problem of sexy underwear in most cases.If allergic symptoms continue to exist, you need to stop using underwear in time and seek help from a professional doctor.

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