Women’s wearing fun underwear unobstructed pictures

Women’s wearing fun underwear unobstructed pictures

As a special underwear, erotic underwear allows many women to make more attempts and enjoy more fun.However, there are still many places to pay attention to when buying and wearing.For women, how to wear sexy underwear can show the best effect and become a big problem.Here, we will talk about the details and skills that you need to pay attention to when wearing the ladies’ sexy underwear in the following aspects.

size selection

Size selection is the primary factor to ensure wearing comfort and effect.Sex underwear is generally more close than ordinary underwear, so you must choose the appropriate size.Do not ignore the three key parts of bust, waist, and hips, choose suitable sizes.If the sexy underwear is too small, it will be uncomfortable and affect the effect of wearing.If the sexy underwear is too large, it will not show the effect of desire and sexy.

choice of style

Unobstructed erotic underwear generally includes three parts: bra, underwear and conjoined.When choosing a style, you need to combine your body and style.Too much attention to the beautiful appearance will ignore the most important comfort in virtual, and wearing uncomfortable sexy underwear, sentiment and beauty will be greatly reduced.

Selection of color

There are many types of sexy underwear. Most of the sexy underwear choose sexy, hot red. However, if you think that red sexy underwear is too dazzling, you can also choose color such as black, white or skin tone.No matter what color it is, it needs to be matched with the skin color to make the dressing effect more perfect.

Material selection

The material of sexy underwear is important because they directly contact the skin.Therefore, you must choose sexy underwear with good texture and excellent material.Generally, the materials used in sex underwear are lace, silk and cotton.For women with sensitive skin, it is more suitable to choose cotton or silk underwear.


Although the erotic underwear is good, it must be popular when wearing, and avoid being exposed or decent when you go out.A better matching method is to match the sexy underwear inside the clothes, or expose it when the clothes are lifted, but don’t expose it too much, which will make people feel very low.


There is a very important prerequisite to wear sexy underwear, that is, women must have a certain psychological preparation.When wearing sexy underwear, women need self -confidence and courage, and don’t feel shy or uncomfortable.Because sexy texture lies in the mentality, self -confidence is the most beautiful display of women.

Whether it is suitable

Not all women are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.Some women are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear due to their physical reasons, such as fat.Therefore, when women choose to buy sexy underwear, they must pay attention to the appropriateness of their bodies and whether the enhanced effects of sexy underwear meet their personal needs.


Even if the size, style, color and material are all selected properly, the details of the wear are very important because they directly affect the effect of wearing.When wearing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to details. For example, the bra should be stuffed in the chest, and the underwear and the jacket need to pay attention to the non -marks.

Matching different occasions

Finally, we have to talk about the matching problem of sexy underwear.Different occasions are engaged in different styles of matching, and the same is true of sexy underwear.For example, in the space of private two people, you can choose a more enthusiastic and interesting sexy underwear, and in daily office, business, and social occasions, you can choose a more decent and excessive sexy underwear.

In general, the most important factor in wearing erotic underwear is self -confidence, suitable for yourself, fit, beauty, and comfort is one of the major guarantees to ensure the texture.In the process of choosing and wearing sexy underwear, we should adhere to the principle of "comfort, health, and high quality" to perfectly interpret the beauty and sexy of women.

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