Xiao Shou’s erotic underwear trial penetration experience text

Xiao Shou’s erotic underwear trial penetration experience text

1. Select the right style

To try on a suitable sexy underwear, you need to choose the right style first.Different body and aesthetic preferences will affect the selected style.Some sexy underwear is sexy and explicit, while others pay more attention to details and low -key sexy.I like gorgeous styles, but I don’t want to be too exposed.

2. Select the right material

For the material selection of sexy underwear, two are mainly considered: comfort and visual effects.The transparent material will look more sexy, but it will be a little uncomfortable for sensitive skin or wear during exercise.It is best to choose a good breathability, soft and comfortable material.

3. Determine the size

It is particularly important to determine the size when buying sexy underwear.Inappropriate size will affect the sexy effect, and it may also make you feel uncomfortable.You can measure the body size first, and then find the appropriate size through the brand’s size table.

4. Adjust matching

The visual effect of sexy underwear is not only the design and color of the underwear itself. It also needs to be matched with other elements, such as high heels, stockings, and wearing a necklace.The choice of these elements also needs to consider the effect of the overall matching.

5. Adjust the trend

It seems that different erotic underwear will also have a difference in the effect of wearing. You need to try more postures to find the most suitable way of dressing you.For example, standing, sitting down, lying on your stomach and other different postures.This can see the visual effects of underwear and suitable exercise.

6. Feel the texture of the underwear

Touch the texture of the erotic underwear with your hands, and feel its lightness, delicateness, breathability and softness.In this way, you can appreciate whether you are suitable for daily wear, comfort and material to achieve your expected effect.

7. Measurement effect

After trial, you need to measure the effect of sexy underwear carefully.For example, whether the height of the shoulder straps is appropriate, whether the cup type of the bra is correct, whether the position of the hem is appropriate, etc.If there is any inappropriate place, you can adjust the elements of the matching or adjust the details of the underwear itself.

8. Feeling and comfort testing

After trying it out, you need to feel the feel and comfort of the underwear.If you feel good and comfortable to wear, you can consider buying.

9. Look at yourself

The ultimate effect of sexy underwear is to look at yourself and feel good, so you must carefully examine your overall effect when trying on.Is that sexy underwear the most satisfactory sexy effect?Do you think you have improved your charm?

10. Summary

Trying sex underwear is a very interesting thing.However, you need to pay attention to details during the selection, trial, and matching process.Only after many attempts and adjustments can we choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.


Choosing a suitable sexy underwear requires patience and carefulness.When trying to wear sex underwear, you need to try different postures, matching, and adjustments to better experience the sexy and attractiveness of sexy underwear.Only after finding the most suitable sexy underwear can we truly show their sexy and charm.

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