Xu Yinglan’s sexy lingerie embroidery

Xu Yinglan’s sexy lingerie embroidery


Xu Yinglan’s sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear recently.This is because this underwear has gorgeous blue, has a strong visual impact, and the embroidery of the details is also unforgettable.In this article, we will introduce this underwear in detail, including its materials, styles, wearing methods, and how to maintain it.


Xu Yinglan’s fabrics of the sexy underwear use high elastic lace, which has good texture and soft touch.This lace not only has good breathability, but also very comfortable.The lace part also has a high -fitting and light mesh cloth, creating a sexy effect.


The style of Xu Yinglan’s sexy underwear is in line with ergonomic design, paying attention to details, showing a special handmade texture and more attractive.The bras of this sexy underwear adopt exquisite three -dimensional and handmade embroidery design to better show women’s body lines.At the same time, the exquisite lace is designed on a comfortable inner lining, without leaving traces, naturally and comfortable, and more sexy.

Method of piercing

Putting on Xu Ying’s blue -colored underwear needs to pay attention to wear bra first, then underwear.Choose a cup type and size that suits you to achieve better "support" chest effects.Underwear can choose low or high waist according to your preference.


Details are a focus of this sexy underwear.In the bra, in addition to the delicate and exquisite embroidery design, there are also exquisite tassel decorations.In the underwear part, the designer also carefully added lace lace on the waist part of the trousers, which looks more elegant.


Xu Yinglan’s sexy underwear is suitable for women of various figures.At the same time, different wearing methods can be achieved according to different occasions, which can achieve different visual effects.For example, you can choose a short skirt at the party, expose long legs, or choose a evening dress to show a beautiful figure.


In order to maintain the beauty of the underwear, we need to maintain it correctly.First, do not expose underwear in the sun.Secondly, the underwear cannot be washed with bleach, and a soft detergent should be used.In addition, underwear needs to be replaced regularly to maintain the good state of its material.

the way of buying

Xu Yinglan’s sexy underwear can be purchased in major sexy underwear stores.In addition, some sexy underwear brands have also opened official malls on the Internet, and provided national payment -to -payment services for customers to buy.Customers should choose sizes and styles according to their needs and preferences to achieve the best use effect.


Xu Ying’s blue color sexy underwear caused a great response in the market with its gorgeous blue and exquisite handmade embroidery.Its style is in line with ergonomic design, making women more confident after wearing it, and at the same time comfortable and sexy.Regardless of whether the newlywed couple or the usual sexy underwear, Xu Ying’s blue color sex lingerie is the best choice.

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