Yan Lian’s physical and sexy underwear

Yan Lian’s physical and sexy underwear


Yanlian’s physical and sexy underwear is a very sexy, teasing sexy underwear. It is composed of women’s underwear and corset. There is also a small ribbon or chain in the middle.This kind of underwear is finely tailored, making all the curves of women’s bodies highlight, making her more attractive and mysterious.


The characteristics of Yan Lian’s physical and fun underwear are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Classic black design, suitable for women with various skin tones

2. Integrated tailoring to make the body curve more prominent

3. The unique chain belt/ribbon design makes the chest fuller, and the waist is more compact and exquisite

Suitable occasion

Yan Lian’s physical and sexy underwear is suitable for many occasions, such as nightclubs, KTV, and private parties, and it is also suitable for the romantic time between couples.On these occasions, women in this underwear can better show their charm and sexy.

Suitable body type

Yanlian’s physical and sexy underwear is suitable for women with perfect figure, especially those women with beautiful curves and full breasts.However, any woman can wear gorgeous sexy underwear to enjoy the sexy and confidence it brings.

With suggestions

1. With high -heeled shoes, it can better reflect the beauty.

2. Use black or dark eye shadow and lipstick, which is more hot and charming.

3. With perspective long jackets, reduce the exposure and increase the beauty of the skin.

Material selection

Yanlian’s physical and sexy underwear is generally made of lace, silk, black silk and other materials. These materials can show the sexy beauty of women well.

Nursing method

1. It is best to rinse with water after each wear to prevent the underwear from deforming.

2. Do not use a high -temperature dryer to dry the underwear and dry it in the ventilation.

3. Do not use bleach and powerful detergent to avoid damaging the lingerie material.

purchase guide

1. There are many different designs and materials choices in Yanlian’s physical and sexy underwear. It is recommended to choose according to his body and preference.

2. It is recommended to buy a professional sexy underwear shop or brand official website to ensure that you can buy underwear with suitable quality and size.

3. Choose underwear of different prices according to your own needs and budgets.

Psychological effect

Women will feel more confident and attractive when wearing sexy Yanlian’s sexy underwear.Its sexy design and teasing color can not only make women confidently show their charm, but also stimulate their inner passion and desire.Yan Lian’s physical and sexy underwear is not only a clothing, but also an emotional sublimation.

in conclusion

Yanlian’s physical and sexy underwear is a very sexy, teasing sexy underwear. It has a unique design and material, which can make women show their charm and self -confidence on specific occasions.When buying and dressing, you should choose according to your figure, preferences and occasions.

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