You can go to the street sexy underwear

What is a sexy underwear on the street?

With the advancement of the times, the special types of underwear, which are sexy underwear, has also attracted more and more attention.Although sexy underwear is mostly designed for sex occasions, some sexy underwear now has the characteristics that can be worn, which can be applied to more occasions, and can also be comfortable and natural.

Material selection

If you want to choose a sexy underwear that can be worn out, the first thing is to choose a softer and comfortable sexy underwear to avoid the case where you encounter incompatible compression when you go out and cause physical discomfort.The most common erotic underwear materials are silk, cotton and lace, which can make your skin take good care.

color match

Wearing sexy underwear is mainly to show the charm of women, so the choice of color is particularly important.Try to buy colorful sexy underwear with color patterns, it is best to choose pure color, black and white gray, red, pink or light -colored sexy underwear.These colors are not only easy to match, but also can show women’s low -key noble temperament.

Style selection

When choosing a sexy underwear that can be on the street, it is best to choose the models relatively simple. Those who are not decorated too much, not only look good, but also more comfortable and natural, and it will not be too exposed.EssenceThe more recommended sexy lingerie styles include lace, tulle, suspender, underwear suit, etc.


Although the sexy underwear on the street is becoming more and more common, you still need to pay attention to the selection on the occasion. You cannot wear too sexy or exposed sexy underwear on the occasion. This will not only make people feel uncomfortable, but also affect yourselfimage of.Therefore, we need to consider carefully when choosing an occasion, it is best to only appear in some casual and leisure occasions.

Matching accessories

Like other clothing, sexy underwear can also be paired with some jewelry and accessories to better match.Be careful not to be too cumbersome to avoid excessive interference of items.You can choose some simple necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. as accessories, highlighting the beautiful temperament of women.

Brand selection

When choosing a sexy underwear that can be on the street, it is necessary to choose some good quality and well -known brand sexy underwear. On the one hand, it can ensure that it is cheap and cheap, and on the other hand, it can also reduce some physical uncomfortable symptoms.The well -known brands currently in the field of sex underwear are Calvin Klein, Victoria ’s Secret, H & M, etc.

Wearing skills

Good at matching wearing can make us fully show the charm of women. Although the wearing of sexy underwear requires some skills, as long as you master it, you can wear it calmly.For example, you can put a coat on the sexy underwear, or with a pair of trousers, which not only avoids excessive exposure of the body, but also shows the infinite charm of women.

Women’s sexy display

It is not too bold to wear a sexy underwear on the street, but should show women’s softness and warmth.The most beautiful when a woman is not the exposure of the body, but in their own temperament.Wearing sexy underwear is no exception.To better show women’s sexy charm, not only need to be decent, but also has its own personality and characteristics.

You can go to the street sex underwear wearing skills to summarize

With the advancement of the times, more and more women have begun to pay attention to the way to wear sexy underwear on the street.In choosing, matching, and occasions, we need to pay attention to details and use some wearing skills to show the charm of women.Therefore, in order to show yourself better, you need to continue to learn, improve continuously, and move forward on the way to self -improvement.

Viewpoint: You can show women’s beautiful temperament and charm through a comfortable and natural dressing experience.In terms of selection, matching, and occasions, you need to pay attention to details in order to win the attention and recognition of more people.

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