You have passed through sexy sheets

8 techniques that pass through sex underwear

Falling underwear is a underwear that aims to enhance sexy and irritating.Whether you want to try to change your style or add a new experience to your partner’s entertainment, sexuality is a great choice.In the following article, we will share eight techniques of wearing sexy underwear so that you can feel confident and satisfied when we are wearing.

1. Find the style that suits you

It is very important to understand the style of love underwear.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different body shapes and figure types, so first of all, you must find a style that suits you.For example, more full women usually choose a sexy underwear with a small amount of chest pad to enhance the chest lines.

2. Understand your body proportion

Sex underwear design sometimes uses special colors and styles, which requires the wearer to know his body proportion.If your legs are shorter than your body, you can choose a sexy underwear with a high waist and can stretch your leg lines, which will make you feel more confident in appearance.

3. Make sure the size is appropriate

A suitable underwear can help improve body lines.If the sexy underwear is too large or too small, it will not be able to play its advantages.To measure the body size before buying underwear and choose the appropriate size, it is a necessary condition for wearing sexy underwear.

4. Understand the type of fabric

Different fabrics can have different effects on the body.Some fabrics such as lace and mesh are breathable, but the texture is thin, which may be more suitable for summer wear.The erotic underwear such as silk and satin will be softer and more suitable for winter wearing.

5. Know how to match

Interest underwear and other clothing can be worn with wearing, wearing sexual land in the evening at home, and high heels or accessories, which allows you to experience a new sexy experience.For example, with a silk bathrobe, it will make the sexy sexy lingerie more intense.

6. Patching accessories with underwear

You can wear special wedding underwear, top high heels, or wearing supporting gloves and veils to create a new visual experience.Of course, this also means that special care is needed to extend the life of these small tools.

7. Understand the maintenance method

Because these special materials, sexy underwear needs to be cleaned in a special way.Make sure the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer’s suggestion, which usually means that hand washing and using a soft cleaner without fluorescent agents.

8. Confident wear

The last skill is also the most important skill, which is to wear confidence.Wearing sexy underwear must make you feel more sexy and confident.This is a strong visual aesthetics. The best path is to ensure that you appear in a high -confidence attitude and enjoy your joy when you are wearing and envy others.

All in all, sexy underwear has a great effect on enhancing self -confidence and enhancement and stimulus.If you choose a style suitable for your own and suitable thoughts, pay attention to choosing the appropriate size, fabric type, accessories and matching methods, you can experience a pleasant sex life.

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