Wet Underwear Model Recruitment Wet Underwear Model Recruitment

As a sexy underwear brand, we have been committed to combining sexy, fashionable, quality and comfort to provide consumers the best products.In order to better show our sexy underwear, we are now recruiting sexy underwear models.If you want to be a member of us, please continue to read.

About Outstanding

Outstanding, established in 2010, is a professional sexy underwear brand.Our product lines include eye masks, handcuffs, stockings, sex pajamas, etc.We always adhere to the design concept of high quality, innovation and fashion, and strive to stand out in the market.

About recruitment

As a sexy underwear model, you will be recruited as our brand spokesperson.You need to show our sexy underwear on our website, social media platform and other channels, and introduce our brand to our customers.

Recruitment condition

We want you:

Have certain model experience or performance experience

The image of self -confidence, sunshine, and healthy

Have good expression and communication ability

Have a good team cooperation spirit

Age between 18-30 years old

Work content

You need to shoot for our sexy lingerie and participate in brand promotion activities.We will provide you with necessary training and regular work evaluation and exchange.


We provide competitive salary and pay corresponding salary increases according to your work performance.We will provide you with comprehensive social insurance and benefits.

how to apply

Send your resume, full -body photo, half -body photo, and three -minute self -introduction short videos to our recruitment mailbox.We will review your application as soon as possible.

Recruitment Process

After the preliminary review, we will arrange for you to perform an interview.In the interview, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection from various aspects such as image, temperament, professionalism.After passing the interview, you can join our supermodel network sex underwear team.

About confidentiality

We promise to keep your personal information confidential and will not leak it to any third party.At the same time, you also need to strictly abide by the company’s internal confidentiality agreement.


As a sexy underwear brand, we believe that a model with a good body, temperament and professional literacy can better display our products.If you meet the conditions and are interested, please apply as soon as possible to become our sexy underwear model.

If you want to learn more about sexy lingerie or purchase men’s or sexy women’s underwear, you can visit our official website: