Zhang Danxuan wears fun shirts


As a popular star, Zhang Danxuan not only has superb performance skills, but also has a beautiful face and a hot figure. Recently, he was exposed to wearing sexy underwear, which caused heated discussion among everyone.So what exactly is a sexy underwear?What are the different types of sexy underwear?Let’s take a look together.

What is sexy sheet

Interesting underwear is a cute, sexy underwear. It shows the different charm and temptation of women in front of the other half, which can bring more sexual fun and stimulus.There are many types of erotic underwear, and you need to choose from personal preferences and figures when choosing.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are a kind of sexy underwear. Through the choice of design and fabrics, they can highlight the curve and lines of the body, making women look more charming and moving.Common sexual sexy underwear has hollow, perspective, lace and other styles.

Full love sheet

The lovely underwear is mainly based on cuteness and cuteness. It attracts people’s attention through cute and funny elements such as cartoons and animals.This sexy underwear is suitable for young women and can bring colorful changes in image and temperament.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult sexy underwear is a more bold and open underwear. It can make people lust with more materials and colors, and reflects a profound sexual needs.If you want to stimulate more sexual desire when you are dating with the other half, adult erotic underwear is a good choice.

European and American sexy underwear

Duoduo’s European and American sexy underwear has become popular since Europe and the United States, mainly Western styles, and gorgeous and luxury are the characteristics of this sexy underwear.European and American sexy underwear has a wider design and bold and open design. It can make people fully enjoy the casual encounters, flexibly and freely express the charm of women’s temptation.

Master the matching skills of sexy underwear

After choosing sexy underwear, matching skills are equally important.Sexy underwear suitable for your body and personal temperament, with suitable skirts, high heels and other accessories, you can truly play the advantages of sexy underwear and make you more beautiful.

Sexy underwear MIX pointed goods

The sexy underwear of different brands has its own characteristics. Some sex lingerie brands also cooperate with other brands to launch pointed goods such as the show, the same star, etc., to provide users with better choices.For example, Girl Heart, the first sexy lingerie brand Girly Heart, and Japanese tide brand Collabolet, a student set launched, and the camouflage series agreed by Ankrover.

What should I pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear

在选择情趣内衣时,需要注意的要点有三:首先是身材的匹配,不同身形的人需要选择不同的型号和尺寸;其次是颜色的选择,不同的颜色有不同的效果和适用范围;最后,Details such as fabrics and design need to be considered to ensure the quality and safety of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that can bring more sexual fun and excitement. Different types, styles, and matching methods can meet the needs and preferences of different women.We should be open in gender concepts, cherish ourselves and the other half of their bodies and emotions, and stimulate the love and intimacy between the two sides in various ways such as sexy underwear.