How to wear the socks of sexy underwear

How to wear the socks of sexy underwear

Choose the right socks

Choosing the right socks can enhance your overall beauty of wearing a sexy lingerie.Generally speaking, black or skin -tone transparent socks can better match erotic underwear, but you can also choose the corresponding socks according to the color of the underwear.If you are wearing bronze or brown underwear, dark brown or gray socks will be more appropriate.

Pay attention to the length of the socks

The length of the socks is also very important. Generally speaking, the socks of the knee are suitable for medium -long sexy underwear, and socks are suitable for short underwear.Do not match the stocks with short underwear, otherwise you will look inconsistent.

The material of the socks should match the underwear

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The material of the socks is also very important. Similar socks similar to the underwear are a better choice. For example, transparent latex underwear can choose a transparent stockings or lace stockings such as socks.

Pay attention to the thickness of the socks

The thickness of the socks should not be too thick. Excessive socks will make the whole dress look bloated and affect beauty.And too thin socks are not good, because too thin socks are not only warm, but also easy to be broken.

With high heels

With high heels, the whole dressing effect is more atmospheric.If you are wearing socks, you can choose high heels with moderate heights or needle heels.If you wear stockings, you can choose boots or high boots, but pay attention to uniform style, color and texture.

Use color matching

The color of the socks can also be matched. For example, you can choose bright socks with black or white sexy underwear to add highlights to the entire dressing effect.

Show your style

When choosing socks, you can consider choosing some individual or strange socks with sexy underwear to show your style.But be careful not to be too deliberate, otherwise it will appear unnatural.

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Pay attention to the overall matching

When mating with erotic underwear and socks, pay attention to the overall matching to avoid the situation of a single color matching.You can add some decorations or prints to the socks to increase the layered sense of wear effect.

Choose the right size

It is also important to choose the right size. Excessive or small socks will affect the wear effect.Be careful to measure your legs and feet, and choose the right size.

Combined with personal characteristics

Finally, you must choose the right socks with your own body characteristics and personal style to make yourself more confident and beautiful.

In short, when wearing sexy underwear, the choice and matching of socks are a very important link. Only by paying attention to these details can you make yourself more beautiful.